Sami Naalisvaara | Service Design Lead
Fjord Helsinki

Sami Naalisvaara, Service Design Lead, Fjord Helsinki

Sami is a service and customer design professional with +20 years of experience in multiple roles on the field, from visual design and content concepting to account and design leadership in multiple companies. At Fjord he has worked for 5 years as a Service Design Lead, being responsible for leading international service design projects on media, telecomm, finance and travel industries.
During the years in the business Sami has built in-depth knowledge on travel and transportation industry, covering aviation, rail, car leasing, personal mobility aka MaaS. He has been working on customer experience projects for companies like Finnair, KLM, Air France, Schiphol, Turkish Airlines, Finnmatkat, Tui, Athlon and National Finnish railways VR.
Sami drives the companies to develop their business, while keeping their customers and their needs in focus. He wants to develop services that enrich and ease up people's lives - and create new business opportunities for the companies.


Rail Festival Day 2 15th November @ 12:45

The paradigm change: beyond A to B travel to the personal mobility ecosystem of the future

  • What are the biggest trends impacting customer experience design and how does this impact you?
  • Harnessing digital technology to understand your customers and provide a seamless journey
  • Taking the next step: preparing for the personal mobility ecosystem and Rail’s position in the ecosystem

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