Roman Oberli | CEO
Axon Vibe AG

Roman Oberli, CEO, Axon Vibe AG

Roman Oberli is a thought leader in the field of spatial analysis and a serial entrepreneur, having founded his first company straight out of college. With a background in IT and Surveying Technology, Oberli founded and managed Genova AG, a technology company specializing in high-performance 3D terrain representations for flight simulators and internet applications.
In 2007, Oberli was recruited to join Mappuls as the CEO. Today Oberli’s main focus is Axon Vibe, where he aims to provide context in a world flooded with data by leveraging location analytics and behavioral patterns to create smart technology that anticipates human behavior and needs.
As a respected industry insider, Oberli has been an invited speaker at several international events. Oberli is the lead inventor of two recently filed provisional patents “System and method for detecting interaction and influence in networks” and “Systems and methods for passive ticketing”
Mr. Oberli holds a degree in Information Technology and Surveying from the FHNW in Switzerland.


Rail Festival Day 1 14th November @ 13:00

Delight your passengers - A seamless and contextual mobile experience

  • Understand how to orchestrate the passenger's door-to-door mobility based on user insights gained through smart location analytics
  • Bringing AI powered travel assistance to rail operators mobile applications to reduce friction along the passenger's individual journeys
  • Implement next-gen contextual communication, seamless ticketing and grow ancillary revenue

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