Prabhas Kumar | AFC Expert
Ministry Of Transport And Communication

Prabhas Kumar, AFC Expert, Ministry Of Transport And Communication

Prabhas Kumar is an AFC System Expert with over 13 years of experience in private and government entities in different parts of the world.  He has managed, designed, executed and maintained many complex AFC systems. He has managed many other programmes as well e.g. Marine’s IT system, awareness and information system, performance monitoring system etc. At present he is working with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Government of Qatar.
Prabhas believes that the AFC system plays a truly focal role in any transport network and is one of the key technologies in digital transformation, which is not only limited to the innovation in fare & payment, but also to the collection of Big Data and futuristic analysis and the decision-making process.  
He holds a Computer Science Engineering and MBA in Marketing Degrees.


Rail Festival Day 1 @ 15:00

Panel: What is the future of ticketing technologies?

Topics discussed will include:
  • Which new ticketing technologies are being put into practise in rail and other transport sectors?
  • How rail can keep it simple and satisfy new digital customer expectations?
  • What futuristic NFC, beacons, biometrics and implanted technologies bring to the table commercially
last published: 12/Nov/18 18:15 GMT

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