Lorenz Aschauer | Customer Experinece, Long Distance Lines
OBB Austrian Federal Railways

Lorenz Aschauer, Customer Experinece, Long Distance Lines, OBB Austrian Federal Railways

Digital has always been key for Lorenz who has joined OEBB this year and brings an outside perspective from agencies and startups. He is responsible for the digital customer experience in OEBB’s long distance Railjet-trains, including the recently relaunched onboard portal as well as the PIS. With studies in communications and business the sports and watch enthusiast Lorenz brings the skills to look beyond the tasks at hand and always keeps the big picture in mind.


Rail Festival Connectivity Summit Monday 13th November @ 14:00

Revamping the digital CX on OEBB’s long distance network

  • Improving the connectivity offering on OEBB’s network: what’s new?
  • Evaluating the impact of the new services on our customers
  • Developing new services which rely on connectivity: how will OEBB develop the onboard customer experience?

Rail Festival Connectivity Summit Monday 13th November @ 16:15

Uncovering the how rail can overcome optimising connectivity & on-board services for rail

  • Understanding your customers and the real opportunities to improve experiences and increase retention
  • Developing a clear business need to implement connectivity and provide other services: convincing your board
  • What I wish I had known earlier… key take away’s from our experiences and hear about our future plans

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