Erich Forster | Chief Executive Officer
Westbahn Management GmbH

Erich Forster, Chief Executive Officer, Westbahn Management GmbH

Erich Forster is CEO of WESTbahn Management GmbH and its parent company Rail Holding AG. He stands up for competition in the railway sector in order to increase the attractiveness of the sector for the customers with affordable prices and best quality. 
He started his career at the Austrian Federal Railway, where he gained extensive knowledge of the sector through his functions in the various areas – freight transport, market research, marketing and manager for long-distance passenger transport. Supervisory Board activities and international projects also enlarged his know-how. At the European level he is working together with other private railway companies in the newly founded “Alliance of the Private Railways – ALLRAIL” for more competition in order to make the railways more competitive against other means of transport.


Rail Festival Day 1 14th November @ 09:20

Disrupting the Austrian Rail Network

Dr Erich Forster sits down with Nicolas Owen, to discuss Westbahn’s digital strategy and open competition on the Austrian Railway network. With a winning formula of simple pricing and reliably smooth customer experience, Erich will share what is next for Westbahn

Rail Festival Day 1 14th November @ 14:45

Panel: Bringing fair competition to Europe: The role of the Alliance of Rail New Entrants (ALLRAIL)

Members of the ALLRAIL Alliance will join us to share their experience in open competition on Europe’s trainlines and how the industry can work to allow competition to be a success for all

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