Wyld Mesh


Wyld Emergency & Disruption eAlert Network (Wyld Eden) is a new approach to control communication.  It’s a real-time disruption and emergency notification system for public transport, delivered over a hybrid cloud/device-to-device Mesh network.
Mobile alerts are delivered over the hybrid Mesh/Real-time push data stream, arguably the most resilient and robust electronic alert topography possible.
During emergencies and disruptions when the internet is unavailable and/or communications are crippled, Wyld Mesh continues to share and collaborate with passengers and staff, so they receive timely, consistent, relevant and actionable options.
The Wyld EDEN solution is a unified passenger/staff solution.  It provides a CMS that is a ‘single source-of-truth’, a Cloud Gateway that delivers the real-time stream and geographic information services for context, a comprehensive staff solution, and an interactive passenger experience.