The Conference





All-Star Speaker List

The conference of the World Rail Festival features speakers from the most forward-thinking rail, bus and urban mobility operators, as well as outside in presentations from relevant industries such as Aviation, banking and retail.

Previous keynote speakers include Roger Van Boxtel (NS), Yves Desjardins-Siciliano, (Via Rail Canada) and Andrew Salzberg (Uber).

Future-Led Discussions

With six streams, the agenda covers everything from digital transformation, and competition to revenue management.

The programme will explore how technology and strategies are changing throughout the entire global transport industry.




Focusing on new business models, innovative commercial ideas and new revenue sources the commercial strategy conference is the place to exchange ideas and experiences around growing the revenues of rail, bus and urban networks


Digital technology and transformation is impacting the transport industry, from the sales process to applications for exciting technologies such as blockchain, AI and data analytics. The Digital stream will focus in on how rail, bus and urban mobility operators can implement Digital Technologies in an effective way


Despite many years of innovation, transport ticketing is still a sore point for passengers around the world. In this stream we will discuss new ideas, case studies and concepts for the future of ticketing – and analyse how they will become a reality.


From Digital booking journeys to on board experience, how can rail operators ensure they are providing everything their customers expect and more? The Customer experience conference focuses on key areas of innovation to improve customer experience in a world where delays and problems will never be eliminated.


Revenue Management has always been a core part of the World Rail Festival, and it continues to be a challenge to ensure you are capturing all the revenue possible. Examining new business models, recent projects and technical challenges, this is a productive discussion focused on revenue growth


How will Rail remain a key player in the development of smart mobility platforms? How can urban operators work effectively with new transport providers? Evaluating business models, technologies and power plays in the new world of smart mobility, join us for productive and topical discussions around the future of mobility


Stations are a key part of the customer experience of travel and optimising these experiences to improve customer experience as well as commercial revenues is a key driver for the transport industry. With digital technology also playing a key role in the redevelopment of many stations, this will be an exciting couple of days focused on new opportunities for global operators.


As payment technologies are changing quickly, join us for our payments summit to understand how you can optimise seamless payments in your network to make it easier for customers to book with you and manage this critical step seamlessly


In a world dominated by the internet, customer expect connectivity during their travel which not only creates a technical challenge but also new commercial challenges and opportunities. Join us to understand how operators are optimising their connectivity levels to benefit both the business and customers


In a complex distribution landscape with new players and growing competition, reaching the right customers is a core focus for operators around the world. Join us for some focused conversation around the development of distribution in the rail, bus and urban mobility sectors


Focused on the Luxury and Tourist Rail industries who are extremely commercially developed and have exciting partnerships with in-destination activities and highly organised digital technologies, If you are part of this industry, or would like to learn more from it, this is the place for you