Birgit Wirth, Head of Innovation Projects, Deutsche Bahn

Birgit Wirth
Head of Innovation Projects
Deutsche Bahn

Chris Perry, Director, Intelligent Mobility Solutions

Chris Perry  
Intelligent Mobility Solutions

Enrique Fernandez-Pino, CIO, The Go Ahead Group

Enrique Fernandez-Pino  
The Go Ahead Group

Peter Krumm, Strategy & Development Director, Conexxion Transdev

Peter Krumm  
Strategy & Development Director
Conexxion Transdev

Markus Basler, Head of Digital Transformation & Strategy, SBB

Markus Basler  
Head of Digital Transformation & Strategy

Sami Sahala, ITS Chief Advisor, Forum Virium Helsinki

Sami Sahala  
ITS Chief Advisor
Forum Virium Helsinki

Ernesto Sicilia, MD and Chairman, Trenitalia UK

Ernesto Sicilia  
MD and Chairman
Trenitalia UK

Valerie Lefler, CEO, Liberty Mobility Now, Inc.

Valerie Lefler  
Feonix - Mobility Rising

Prabhas Kumar, AFC Specialist Technical Affairs – Minister’s Office, Ministry Of Transport And Communication

Prabhas Kumar   
AFC Specialist Technical Affairs – Minister’s Office
Ministry Of Transport And Communication

Robert Jan Ter Kuile, Strategic Adviser, G.V.B.

Robert Jan Ter Kuile   
Strategic Adviser

Dr Padet Praditphet, Director, Common Ticketing Office, Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP), Ministry of Transport of Thailand

Dr Padet Praditphet   
Director, Common Ticketing Office 
Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP), Ministry of Transport of Thailand

Christophe Lemaire, Director of Modernisation Program, Smart Navigo, SNCF

Christophe Lemaire   
Director of Modernisation Program, Smart Navigo

Andrew Salzberg, Head of Transportation Policy and Research, Uber

Andrew Salzberg   
Head of Transportation Policy and Research    

Duncan Henry, Head of Ticketing, Rail Delivery Group

Duncan Henry    
Head of Ticketing 
Rail Delivery Group

Silvester Prakasam  
Deputy Director Fare System
Land Authority, Singapore


DAY 1  |  DAY 2  |   DAY 3 

MAAS, Monday 12 November 2018


Welcome Lunch


Sami Sahala

Case Study: Getting to grips with MaaS

  • What you need to know about the importance of ‘true’ MaaS?
  • Capitalise on the key benefits for rail in urban mobility
  • How can this be upscaled on a regional and national level?
Sascha Westermann

The framework behind mobility

  • Get to grips with establishing urban MaaS projects
  • Unpack the different types of MaaS and how local conditions affect this
  • Understand how customer experience can be maintained
Silvia Kaupa-Götzl

Understanding the touchpoints of rural MaaS

  • Identifying the necessity for on-demand transport services in sparsely populated regions
  • Consider the most suitable digital framework for rural mobility network
  • Discuss how larger operators can remain agile and adaptable as demands for transport services evolve
Dirk Esters

Worldwide MaaS - Experiences with existing MaaS projects from 3 continents

  • How to successfully implement a Mobility Marketplace
  • Challenges and lessons learned
  • The MaaS Platform as an intermodal orchestrator
Panel discussion

Panel: How can transport operators foster collaboration?

Topics discussed will include:
  • Incentivising operators to integrate in innovative ways
  • How revenue can be shared equitably
  • Which player should own the customer relationship?

Afternoon Networking Coffee


Valerie Lefler

How do business models differ between rural & urban MaaS?

  • Identify the differing needs of passengers for different rail operators
  • Bringing together local authorities and communities for the MaaS business model
  • How can integration of rural and urban mobility be made possible?
Piia Karjalainen

Taking MaaS to the next level

  • Evaluating the ways in which current systems can be improved
  • Exploring means of scaling MaaS and mobility offerings up to have regional, national and global scope
  • How will different rail operators fit into the future of mobility?
Vikenti Kumanikin

Interoperability and urban mobility – how are bike share operators leading the way?

  • Getting to grips with interoperability facilitated by open platforms
  • Understanding how collaboration affects the business models behind MaaS
  • Discussing the potential for integration of bike and rail in the bigger mobility picture

Welcome Networking Drinks

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TICKETING, Tuesday 13 November 2018


Registration Opens


Roger Van Boxtel

Looking forward to the mobility of the future and the role of railways in our society of 2040

This year, Roger Van Boxtel, CEO at NS will be joining us to share his organization’s vision for the next 30 years. From digital innovation to the rise of new modes of transport and mobility behaviors, understand how NS is positioning itself for the future.
Yves Desjardins Siciliano

Preparing Northern American rail for the next era of mobility

Join Yves Desjardins-Siciliano, CEO, Via Rail Canada to understand the big plans for the growth of passenger rail in Canada. From infrastructure growth, to new business models to fulfill the full end to end journey, Yves will be sharinghis vision with the audience.
Jochen Engert

Flixbus and the future of transport in Europe and beyond

Jochen Engert, MD, Flixbus will join us at an interesting point in the company’s expansion. Having established a dominating presence in Europe across Europe, Flixbus is now expanding to the US as well as venturing into the European rail industry with Flixtrain in Germany, Jochen will join us to Flixbus’ story and vision for the future.

Morning Coffee & Networking

Roger Van Boxtel

CEO Keynote panel

CEOs from MTR Express, Thello, Flixbus, Via Rail Canada and NS will take to the stage to discuss the biggest challenges facing the transport industry – and the opportunities they are keen to take grasp of.
round tables

Round Table Discussions

With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges? Our roundtables are hosted by senior level topic specialists. Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them. After 35 minutes, there is one rotation, so participants can join two tables during the session.
Challenges of creating the best product structure to attract and retain customers
Juan Antonio Cuesta Canas

Juan Antonio Cuesta Canas, Director, EcoRail

Evaluating the new technologies on the horizon and leading by example when it comes to putting innovation into practice
Mark Cody

Mark Cody, Product Lead, Mobile, Eurostar

How can rail operators shape the future of multi-modal transport?
Barbora Mickova

Barbora Mickova, Chief Institutional Affairs Officer, Leo Express

How can stations provide a better experience for customers?
Sebastiaan De Wilde

Sebastiaan De Wilde, Director Station Development and Maintenance, NS

How to revenue manage when there is no capacity set: the joy of the walk-up
Claire Hennebel

Claire Hennebel, Head of Revenue Optimisation, Virgin Trains

Implementing complex changes in a revenue management system
Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson, Retail, Caledonian Sleeper

Including peer to peer carsharing as an effective solution for the last mile challenge: sharing the Czech Story
Robin Svaricek

Robin Svaricek, COO, Leo Express

Mobility as a Service as game changer for a future proof public transport
Arwina De Boer

Arwina De Boer, Program manager innovation in public transport, Province of Brabant

Sharing how SBB works to ensure all digital platforms are well designed for customer usability
Daniel Boos

Daniel Boos, Head of User Experience, SBB CFF FFS

Should operators be multi-modal or focus on one type of vehicle: how can they collaborate among themselves, the cities and remain relevant with MaaS on the horizon?
Mar Pallas Poy

Mar Pallas Poy, VP Europe Market Development - Expansion, Scoot

The future of night trains in Europe: The Trans-Metropolitan vision
Michael Sipl

Michael Sipl, Director Marketing, Trans Metropolitan Railway Lines GmbH

Thinking outside the box to provide innovative, additional services for passengers using smart cards & e-tickets
Julija Balanova

Julija Balanova, e-Ticket Project Manager, Rīgas Satiksme

Why do we need successful customer sentiment analysis?
Anna Loukamo

Anna Loukamo, Development Manager, VR Group


Tiit Laiksoo

The creation of seamless, cross-border journeys: from idea to reality

  • Going beyond the integration of mobile & smart card
  • Learn how Tallinn & Helsinki are collaborating in implementing cross-border ticketing
  • How can this technology be developed globally?
Ionut Pop

Setting the foundation for NextGen Rail Ticketing

  • Smart Ticketing is all about convenience. Here’s why.
  • What goes into creating the customer engagement backbone for the next generation of ticketing solutions
  • How the channel-less customer experience will look like for rail
Vojtěch Matocha

Implementing a unique virtual ticketing pass in the Czech Republic

  • Making it easier for our customers to benefit from passes and discounts with our new virtual card
  • Sharing our path through development and implementation: the key lessons to share
  • Discussing the impact on our customers and the future development we are now focusing on

Networking Lunch


Duncan Henry

What are the implications of new technologies for the passenger?

  • How are Rail Delivery Group revolutionising customer journeys?
  • Along with biometrics, discover which future ticketing technologies RDG are harnessing
  • Discuss how rail can enhance customer proposition, while building value digitally?
Michael English

Panel: What is the future of ticketing technologies?

Topics discussed will include:
  • Which new ticketing technologies are being put into practise in rail and other transport sectors?
  • How rail can keep it simple and satisfy new digital customer expectations?
  • What futuristic NFC, beacons, biometrics and implanted technologies bring to the table commercially


Silvester Prakasam

What does the future of payments look like for Singapore?

  • How can rail integrate different payment methods?
  • What you need to know about applying account-based payment structures to rail
  • Consider the scale to which payments should be standardised
Enrique Fernandez Pino

Integrating future payment solutions

  • Learn how Go Ahead Group are working towards a cashless ticketing ecosystem
  • Identify which technologies rail should be paying attention to
  • Uncover how the implementation of these solutions can be scaled up to a regional and national level

Networking Coffee Break


Antoine De Kerviler

The International Rail Revolution - API technology driving today's change

  • Emerging competition in rail travel - is it a threat or an opportunity for railways?
  • Partnerships, the answer to competition?
  • Rail APIs, the technology behind winning partnerships
Beat Stettler

The new era of mobile communication: Exploring the tangible opportunities for the transport industry

  • Moving on from today's expensive, unstable and unmanaged communication networks
  • Ensuring that your network benefits from the new era of intelligent software
  • Understanding how customers benefit - from smart ticketing, passenger WIFI and real-time information
Udi Sharir

Dragons Den Pitches

We have partnered with some of the best developers from start-ups and Universities around the world to solve the everyday problems that the rail industry faces.Some of the very best organisations that have emerged from our research will give a 3-minute pitch on stage to you the audience and to our carefully selected judging panel of some of the rail industry’s most informed executivesUdi Sharir, Co-Founder & CEO, Save a Train
Interviewee: Udi Sharir, Co-Founder & CEO, Save A Train B.V.

Evening Drinks Reception

Join us for a fun packed drinks reception - an opportunity to network in a more relaxing setting in the centre of Amsterdam
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TICKETING, Wednesday 14 November 2018


Registration & Morning Coffee

Tom Cheesewright

Rolling Friction: Building a Future-Ready Railway

Ever since the first proto-humans, we have used technology to ease our lives, to lower friction. If you understand how falling friction changes businesses, markets and customers, then you can start to see the direction of travel. Applied Futurist Tom Cheesewright takes a look at tomorrow’s rail industry and the likely impacts of technology in driving change: in service, customer behaviour, and demand.
Andrew Salzberg

Discussing Uber's role in the future of rail

As Flixbus has established a dominating presence in Europe and is now expanding to the US as well as venturing into the European rail industry with Flixtrain in Germany, Jochen will join us to Flixbus’ story and vision for the future.
Marcus Frantz

Going beyond the connected traveler using: digital touchpoints, data & AI

  • Learn how ÖBB are developing solutions for all digital touch-points before, during and after a journey
  • Comprehend how the digital network of traveller, assets, operations and employees improve customer journeys
  • How are current ‘open’ ticketing systems paving the way for new technologies such as blockchain
Alexandra Van Huffelen

The future of mobility in Amsterdam

GVB is one of the most innovative and forwarding thinking transport organisation in the World and Alexandra will be joining us to share her thoughts on the future of mobility in Amsterdam.
Pierre-Olivier Desmurs

Move with purpose, new futures in rail & transit

  • Understanding how successive waves of digital disruption are reinventing rail and transit
  • Why rail operators running “business as usual” are exposing themselves to threats from digital competitors
  • Boost profits, Unlock value, Innovate fast, Exploit new opportunities and Drive growth by accelerating your digital journey
  • Rotate to the New NOW!

Morning Coffee & Networking

round tables

Round Table Discussions

With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges? Our roundtables are hosted by senior level topic specialists. Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them. After 35 minutes, there is one rotation, so participants can join two tables during the session.
Creating a future ticketing platform: bringing ticketing in to the 21st century
Ignas Verseckas

Ignas Verseckas, Head of Business Innovation & Development, Passenger Transport,, Lithuanian Railways

Creating smart-cities using IoT: how does transport fit into the bigger picture?
Egle Radvile

Egle Radvile, Chief Advisor for Strategy and Digital Initiatives, Vilnius City

Designing the future of interior rail – OBB Nightjet case study
Kurt Bauer

Kurt Bauer, Head of High Speed & Long-Distance Services, O.B.B. - Personenverkehr A.G.

How can operators capitalise on new tech, particularly smartphones, to increase frequentation on their networks?
Jérôme Kravetz

Jérôme Kravetz, Network Director, SMTC - Tisséo

How can rail create a premium passenger offering using digital technology?
Spero Blassoples

Spero Blassoples, Technology Architect, Heathrow Express

How can rail operators successfully innovate?
Tom Cheesewright

Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist, Book Of The Future

How can transport operators humanise their customer experience?
Jerry Angrave

Jerry Angrave, Customer Experience Director, Empathyce

Implementing integrated ticketing systems enhanced by sustainable technology
David Hytch

David Hytch, Technology Lead, Calmac Ferries

Innovation starts from within: evaluating how transport operators can foster a culture of innovation and embrace digital disruption?
Manuel Gerres

Manuel Gerres, Managing Director Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures & Head of New Digital Business, Deutsche Bahn

Key considerations for operators when implementing big data projects in personalisation
Martijn Scheele

Martijn Scheele, Head of Data & Analytics, NS

Endre Sundsdal

Creating a nationwide platform for travel info and ticketing

  • Uncover the benefits and challenges of having one centralised data system on a national scale
  • Discuss how data can be shared and utilized
  • Our journey to the cloud


Gian-Mattia Schucan

How to make public transport ticketing easy - for both customers and operators alike

  • Key success factors for customers and operators in public transport ticketing
  • Hardware-free In-/Out-Ticketing solutions: state of play
  • Starting from 0to covering an entire country in less than twoyears: the Swiss Story
Ravi Shankar Khurana

The IT architecture behind integration of urban, rural and intermodal ticketing services

  • How to make your data work for you when evaluating how to combine urban and suburban services
  • Discover how the Mumbai railway ministry’s integrated ticketing system is utilising data
  • Top tips for pairing legacy and new software systems



Ernesto Sicilia

Why does rail need unified booking channels?

  • Discussing the evolution of customer behaviour during the ticket booking process
  • Learn how Trenitalia and C2C are managing all booking channels on one, unified platform
  • Understand the benefits of multi-device sales software
Raquel Santos

Developing mobile integrated solutions for seamless travel experiences

  • Why is providing mobile first, pay later ticketing a priority at Fertagus?
  • Clock-In Clock-out: sharing our journey towards smart ticketing
  • Working towards barrier-less ticketing in the whole customer journey
Christophe Lemaire

What does paperless look like for ticketing?

  • Visualise how digital can help design new services
  • Hear what steps are SNCF taking towards a completely ‘paperless’ system
  • How are they working alongside other operators and regional transport authority towards standardisation?
Dr Padet Praditphet

The migration to a common digital ticketing system

  • Identifying the passenger demand for a common ticketing system across Thailand
  • Comprehending the features of a centralised data house
  • What back office technology is being put into place to equip Thailand to progress beyond mobile ticketing?
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