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Understand the next generation of smart ticketing technology


About Ticketing and MaaS

Covering key shifts in ticketing, stemming from a dramatic shift in how people travel and high customer expectations the ticketing stream will look at everything from back office systems to the newest technologies.

Technologies from biometric ticketing to NFC and fraud will be discussed at the show.



This year we will be opening the conference up to bus operators and urban transport managers to fuel the discussion on smart ticketing and the future technologies facilitating this.

This is a fantastic opportunity to promote your solutions to decision makers in rail, bus and urban operators from around the world to move your business on in 2018.



Birgit Wirth, Head of Innovation Projects, Deutsche Bahn

Birgit Wirth
Head of Innovation Projects
Deutsche Bahn

Chris Perry, Director, Intelligent Mobility Solutions

Chris Perry
Intelligent Mobility Solutions

Enrique Fernandez-Pino, CIO, The Go Ahead Group

Enrique Fernandez-Pino
The Go Ahead Group

Peter Krumm, Strategy & Development Director, Conexxion Transdev

Peter Krumm
Strategy & Development Director
Conexxion Transdev

Markus Basler, Head of Digital Transformation & Strategy, SBB

Markus Basler
Head of Digital Transformation & Strategy

Sami Sahala, ITS Chief Advisor, Forum Virium Helsinki

Sami Sahala
ITS Chief Advisor
Forum Virium Helsinki


Ernesto Sicilia, MD and Chairman, Trenitalia UK

Ernesto Sicilia
MD and Chairman
Trenitalia UK


Valerie Lefler, CEO, Liberty Mobility Now, Inc.

Valerie Lefler
Liberty Mobility Now, Inc.

Prabhas Kumar, AFC Specialist Technical Affairs – Minister’s Office, Ministry Of Transport And Communication

Prabhas Kumar 
AFC Specialist Technical Affairs – Minister’s Office
Ministry Of Transport And Communication

Robert Jan Ter Kuile, Strategic Adviser, G.V.B.

Robert Jan Ter Kuile 
Strategic Adviser

Dr Padet Praditphet, Director, Common Ticketing Office, Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP), Ministry of Transport of Thailand

Dr Padet Praditphet 
Director, Common Ticketing Office
Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP), Ministry of Transport of Thailand


Christophe Lemaire, Director of Modernisation Program, Smart Navigo, SNCF

Christophe Lemaire 
Director of Modernisation Program, Smart Navigo


Andrew Salzberg, Head of Transportation Policy and Research, Uber

Andrew Salzberg 

Head of Transportation Policy and Research

Duncan Henry, Head of Ticketing, Rail Delivery Group

Duncan Henry  
Head of Ticketing
Rail Delivery Group
Silvester Prakasam
Deputy Director Fare System
Land Authority, Singapore








5 Conferences

4 Workshops

2 Days

1 Event


Who Sponsors?

  • Mobile ticketing technology providers 
  • Fare collection
  • Ticketing Technology 
  • Payment Technology 
  • Fraud prevention 
  • Mobile sales and Ticketing providers

Who Attends?

  • CEO
  • CCO
  • CTO
  • CIO
  • Head of Distribution 
  • Head of Ticketing 
  • Head of Smart Ticketing 
  • Head of International Sales 
  • Head of Systems and Ticketing 
  • VP Sales





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