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Inpharmation has decades of experience developing approaches and methodologies to pricing pharmaceuticals for market access. If you’ve ever been frustrated by not having the right, relevant information needed when making pricing decisions, then you’ll understand why we developed a range of pricing techniques to determine the value of your product to the various payers.

When you start a project with Inpharmation you get access to our decades of experience in delivering pricing solutions based upon models and methodologies that have been extensively validated for use in the pharmaceutical industry. We have approaches for which ever stage of your pharmaceutical product’s lifecycle you are at. These include unique approaches to early stage pricing assessments as well as efficient approaches for later development and in-line assets.
We are industry leaders in the development of international reference pricing (IRP) simulators, launch sequence optimization and price-demand elasticity models for developing revenue/profit maximization strategies for products near or past launch.
Running Europe’s leading pharmaceutical pricing for market access executive training courses; Inpharmation places great importance on transferring knowledge and skills to you.
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