Sune Klint Andersen | Principal Scientist, Drying Processes
Novo Nordisk A/S | Denmark

Sune Klint Andersen, Principal Scientist, Drying Processes, Novo Nordisk A/S

Principal Scientist in Drying Processes and Particle Technology in CMC at Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark.
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering – Nanoparticle Technology
MBA in Management & Technology
Main interests and professional experience include development of drying processes for drug substances, intermediates, excipients and drug products for both R&D and Industrial scale purposes as well as application of Quality-by-Design in drying processes, validation and qualification of spray dryers, and advantages & disadvantages of spray vs freeze drying processes.
Given several presentations on international courses and published articles on the above subjects.
Extensive experience in design and development of spray drying equipment and processes, bulk freeze drying processes, GMP production, nanoparticles, powder processing in general, DoE and application of Quality-by-Design, validation and qualification of spray dryers, scale-up of spray drying processes, particle engineering, aseptic spray drying .
Been with Novo Nordisk for 8 years and before 8 years with Niro A/S (working with pharmaceutical spray drying of proteins, inhalable particles, Computational Fluid Dynamics of spray dryers, droplet kinetics, aseptic spray drying etc.)

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