Pharma MES Congress



World Pharma MES Congress is the world’s leading event for leaders working in QbD, MES, PAT and serialisation.

The 2-day congress comes at a time when pharmaceutical manufacturing is changing rapidly. New demands and aging plants mean that pharma is struggling to meet efficiency requirements. We have worked with industry and our extensive network to deliver an unmissable event which offers practical solutions to manufacturing challenges. By bringing together engineers, IT solution providers, quality assurance specialists, serialization experts and key decision makers, we will examine novel techniques and bring a co-ordinated approach to solving many hurdles faced by industry.

World Pharma MES Congress will showcase innovative manufacturing approaches, successful partnerships, how to use MES for quality assurance and ways to ensure efficiency throughout manufacturing processes. Featuring a high-calibre international speaker panel, we will demonstrate tangible solutions that you can take back and implement in your company.

Join us this November to future proof your manufacturing facilities and achieve manufacturing excellence.