Mr Jens Traenkle | Head of P A T Biotechnology
Bayer | Germany

Mr Jens Traenkle, Head of P A T  Biotechnology, Bayer

Dr. Jens Traenkle is Head of PAT Biotechnology at Bayer. Together with his group he supports PAT activities for Bayer’s biologics initiatives in pharmaceuticals and crop sciences. The mission of the group is to bring lab analytics closer to the process and to integrate the resulting data. 

Dr. Traenkle has studied biochemistry and specialized on biophysics and protein structure during his PhD thesis at the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Physiology in Dortmund. He joined Bayer in 2006 and held previous positions in bioanalytics in Switzerland and in Germany within the company. In 2012 he took over the responsibilities for PAT for biotechnology at Bayer. 

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