All-Star Speaker List





Fabien Soulet

All speakers confirmed for World Passenger Festival 2020


Jeremy Acklam, Integrated and Smart Travel Director, Transport for the North

Michael Acosta, Senior Director - Commercial Planning, VIA Rail Canada

Jim Allison, Manager Of Planning, Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority

Andrew Anderson, Head Of Transformation Portfolio - Payments, Transport for London

Mark Anderson, Head of Commercial Innovation, Go Ahead Group

Ionut Badea, Senior Order Standards Manager, IATA

Thomas Barroca, Head Of Revenue Management, Tgv Atlantique And Ouigo, SNCF

Markus Basler, Director Digital Business, SBB

Kurt Bauer, Head Of High Speed And Long-Distance Services, O.B.B. - Personenverkehr A.G.

Mr Linas Bauzys, Chief Executive Officer, Passenger Rail, Lithuanian Railways

Mr Linas Bauzys | Chief Executive Officer, Passenger Rail | Lithuanian Railways » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Liz Benison, Managing Director - Mainland Europe, Arriva Group

Sezer Bilen, Senior Manager Business Development And Innovation - Wifi, Deutsche Bahn

Spero Blassoples, Technology Architect, Heathrow Express

Carlo Boselli, General Manager, Eurail Group

Nicolas Bosmans, Manager, Fraud And Payments, Oui.Sncf

John Boughton, Commercial Director, National Express

Kai Brandes, Deutsche Bahn

Esther Bravo Barquero, Programme Manager, Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking

Diane Burke, Commercial Director, Calmac Ferries

Thandeka Buthelezi, Executive Manager Customer Services, PRASA

Nick Clarke, Head Of Revenue, Grand Central Railway Company Limited

Stefan Costeur, Digital Sales And Marketing, NMBS-SNCB

Dyan Crowther, CEO, HS1

Sebastian De Wilde, Director Real Estate, NS Stations

Steve Dering, Chief Operations Officer, Direct Access Partners Llc

Mr Pierre-Olivier Desmurs, Managing Director, Accenture

Mr Pierre-Olivier Desmurs | Managing Director | Accenture » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Mr Michael English, Managing Director, Accenture

Rinaldo Fuss, Market Research & Customer Experience Specialist, BLS AG

Jenny Gejke, Head Of Digital Channel Development, Swedish Rail

Mars Geuze, Co-Founder And Chief Commercial Officer, Hardt Hyperloop

Mars Geuze | Co-Founder And Chief Commercial Officer | Hardt Hyperloop » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Clemence Gillion, President, Back-On-Track Belgium

Clemence Gillion | President | Back-On-Track Belgium » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Ms Nicole Goebel, Managing Director, Rail and Transit, Europe Lead, Accenture

Ms Nicole Goebel | Managing Director, Rail and Transit, Europe Lead | Accenture » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Jacqueline Gorospe, Head of Corporate Communications and Customer Service, Light Rail Manila Corporation

Mr Marc Guigon, Director Of Passenger, International Union of Railways (UIC)

Mr Marc Guigon | Director Of Passenger | International Union of Railways (UIC) » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Mariell Hallenhed, Product Owner Ticketing And Payments, Skanetrafiken

Lenka Hennessy, Senior Director Of Product Development And Customer Experience, Amtrak

David Higgins, General Manager, Trainline For Business

Carl Adam Holmberg, Snälltåget

Carl Adam Holmberg |  | Snälltåget » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Simon Holmes, Group Head Of Digital (Engineering), FirstGroup Plc

Silvia Kaupa-Gotzl, Chief Executive Officer, O.B.B. Postbus

Hugo Knobbout, Head of IT, Eurail

Tobias Kruse, Business Development Director, Eala, Fjord, Part of Accenture Interactive

Prabhas Kumar, Afc Specialist, Ministry Of Transport And Communications

Robertus Laan, CEO, Jungfrau Tours

Mark Langmead, Director, Compass Operations, TransLink Vancouver

Clarissa Eva Leon, Head of Digital, DSB

Philipp Lombriser, Business Analyst, SBB

Sara Luchian, Director, Passenger Experience, Virgin Hyperloop

Jan Luijben, Information Manager, G.V.B.

Karol Martincek, Member Of The Board And Sales Director, Zeleznicna Spolocnost Slovensko

Karol Martincek | Member Of The Board And Sales Director | Zeleznicna Spolocnost Slovensko » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Fanny Mathey, Deputy Commercial Director, TGV Lyria

Sonila Metushi, Policy Advisor, Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer

Barbora Mickova, Policy Officer, ALLRAIL Alliance of Rail New Entrants in Europe

Rhianne Montgomery, Programme Manager - Rail, Innovate UK

Ronan Murphy, Head of Customer Experience, Irish Rail

Ronan Murphy | Head of Customer Experience | Irish Rail » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Larysa Nazarenko, Project Manager Reform Support Team, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukraine

Mr Rob Oerton, Head Of Customer Policy, Grand Central Railway Company Limited

Mr Rob Oerton | Head Of Customer Policy | Grand Central Railway Company Limited » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Peder Osterkamp, Chief Commercial Officer, MTR Express

Vanessa Perez, Senior Advisor Passenger Department And Latin America Region, U.I.C. International Union of Railways

Rene Perkins, Chief Executive Officer, City MaaS

Chris Perry, Managing Director, Intelligent Mobility Solutions

Mark Pettman, Innovation Manager, London North Eastern Railway

Amelia Ponio, Innovation Manager, Light Rail Manila Corporation

Natalia Quintero, Director, Transit Tech Lab

Egle Radvile, Chief Technology Officer, Vilnius city municipality

Alexandra Reinagl, Managing Director, Wiener Linen

Eluska Renedo-Illarregi, Chief Executive Officer, Gipuzkoa Transport Authority

Roberto Rinaudo, Chief Executive Officer, Thello

Vanessa Rommel, Director Product Service Experience, Deutsche Bahn

Cassiano Rusycki, Chief Executive Officer, RioCard

Anton Sabaleuski, Director Strategy And Investments, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukraine

Anton Sabaleuski | Director Strategy And Investments | Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukraine » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Andrew Salzberg, Independant

Jacob Saugman, Innovation Program Lead, DSB

Giancarlo Scaramelli, CC&IO, Transdev

Steffen Schaefer, Managing Director, New Mobility Advisors

Jorgen Scott, Head Of Revenue Management, DSB

Jorgen Scott | Head Of Revenue Management | DSB » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Rikesh Shah, Head Of Commercial Innovation, Transport for London

Sabine Stalder, Head Of Customer Experience Manager, BLS AG

Karan Suri, Head Of Pricing And Technology, Heathrow Express

Sebastian Syperek, Head Of Customer Insights, Deutsche Bahn

Shigeru Takagi, Deputy General Manager Of Maas Strategy Design And Management Department, East Japan Railway Company

Katy Taylor, Group Commercial & Customer Director, Go Ahead

Frans Timmermans, First Vice President, European Commission

Frans Timmermans | First Vice President | European Commission » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Celine Van Gucht, Head Of Revenue Management, Eurostar International Ltd

Celine Van Gucht | Head Of Revenue Management | Eurostar International Ltd » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Nico Van Paridon, Vice President, Vervoerregio Amsterdam

Nico Van Paridon | Vice President | Vervoerregio Amsterdam » speaking at World Passenger Festival

Alejandra Vitoria, International Markets Manager, Renfe-SNCF in Co-operation

Aske Wieth Knudsen, Vice President Product, DSB

Birgit Wirth, Head Of In, Out Systems And Customer Projects, Deutsche Bahn AG

Reinout Wissenburg, Manager Strategic Sustainability, ProRail

Christoph Wittmann, Senior Advisor To Chief Executive Officer, ÖBB-Postbus GmbH

Jeny Yeung, Commercial Director, Member of Executive Directorate, MTR Corporation