Hyun Jung Kim | Assistant Professor
The University of Texas At Austin

Hyun Jung Kim, Assistant Professor, The University of Texas At Austin

Hyun Jung Kim
Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin
Professor Kim's laboratory focuses on innovating bioinspired engineering principles to create biomedical platform technologies for uncovering the fundamental questions in human health and disease by integrating multidisciplinary approaches such as microfluidics, tissue engineering, and applied microbiology. His research interests include developing Biomimetic organ model (Human Organs-on-Chips), Microengineered host-microbe ecosystem, Programmable synthetic microbiome, and Humanized diagnostic/therapeutic platform for clinical, pharmaceutical, and environmental applications.


Microbiome World Congress USA Day 1 2017 @ 15:50

Presentation: The Metagenomic and Metadesign of Subways and Urban Biomes

  • How can we improve city utilization and planning through the detection, measurement, and design of metagenomics within urban environments?
  • How can these baseline profiles be used to identify potential bio-threats, and provide an additional level of data, that can even aid in Smart City Capabilities?

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