RailComm is an industry leader of software-based rail automation solutions. With a wide base of global installations, we offer innovative software centric solutions that monitor, analyze, and control key assets of the rail infrastructure for both freight and passenger/transit railroads, including rail-served industrials, intermodal terminals, and ports. Our solutions include: yard automation, computer-aided dispatching, and predictive analytics for condition based maintenance.

As other industries have done in the past, the railroad industry is rapidly moving to automation and data/information as core competitive differentiators. RailComm, with our cloud-based (SaaS) and internet-of-things (IoT) solutions, is uniquely positioned to lead this trend.

Our customers have a proven record of achieving both increased efficiency and safety, two of the primary drivers of the industry. With the ability to monitor, analyze, and automate rail assets, our customers can optimize their resources more effectively and achieve both significant increases in revenue and reduction in costs.