Louis Berger

Bronze Sponsor

Founded in 1953, Louis Berger serves a diverse client base with a comprehensive suite of planning, environmental, economic, engineering,
architectural, program/construction management, and O&M services. By focusing on client needs to deliver quality, safe, financially-successful
projects with integrity, Louis Berger is committed to delivering on our promise to provide Solutions for a Better World.
Louis Berger has provided rail/transit consultant services for more than 50 years working with our clients to develop new facilities, improve aging systems,
increase resiliency, and modernize historic systems in cities across the U.S. Louis Berger’s venerable portfolio ranges from development of the prototype stations for the Washington, DC Metro completed in the 1970s to planning, engineering, environmental, and financial advisory services for the northeast corridor Maglev demonstration project, which will be the first truly high speed corridor in the U.S.