It's all about the customer - Loyalty World Middle East 2014

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Customer strategy for all brands


Everyone wants to create amazing customer experiences, wow their
customers and create a loyal customer following.

The Middle East's Customer Festival brings together all aspects of the customer
journey; from product search and evaluation to purchase and onto repurchase.

Organisations wanting to be truly customer centric have a mountain of disciplines to tackle and plethora of options within them. The Middle East's Customer Festival short cuts this process for them.

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Who exhibits

If you offer the following products and services, then The Middle East's Customer Festival, offers a creative and year round marketing opportunity:

  • CRM solutions
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Marketing Automation
  • Business intelligence
  • Analytics and insight solutions
  • Gamification
  • Data services
  • Payment platforms
  • Bricks and clicks integration solutions
  • Mobile platforms
  • Design and branding
  • Experience marketing
  • Contact centres
  • Outsourcing solutions
  • Customer service applications
  • Implementation and consultancy services

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Desperately seeking help

Can you help our attendees solve problems like:

  • How to deliver customer experiences that wow?
  • How to retain my existing customer base?
  • How to use data to build revenue?
  • How to I build engagement and loyalty using social media?
  • How to use cross channel data to better serve my customers?
  • How to improve my payments process to increase revenue?
  • How can CRM and marketing automation benefit my business?
  • How to incorporate mobile into my customer strategy?
  • How to personalise offers and pricing?
  • How to build loyalty whilst maintaining price?

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