Immunotherapy is the brightest hope and a cornerstone in the next generation fight against cancer. Novel discoveries in checkpoint inhibitors have enabled stunning breakthroughs and generated high optimism for the sector, including exciting new customizations in form of CAR -T and Oncolytic Viral Immunotherapy.

World Immunotherapy Congress USA 2017 brought together leaders in cognitive computing, addressed the historical checkpoint paradigm change in Merkel Cell Carcinoma treatment, and tackled the hard issues like the deep racial disparity in clinical trials. 2018 will continue to push the envelope and bring together the full community at a single meeting point to provide excitement and opportunity for the whole value chain. Co-located with World Biosimilar Congress USA, World Immunotherapy Congress USA presents the unique opportunity for pharma, biotech, government, academia, and their partners to get latest updates from both clinical and pre-clinical within checkpoint inhibitors, cell therapy, and oncolytic viral immunotherapy. 

World Immunotherapy Congress USA 2018 returns to San Diego this May. If you’re involved in the pharma, biotech, government, or academic sector looking toward commercialization and development of immunotherapies, this is an event you cannot afford to miss.