Del Stark Technology Solutions

Media Partner

Del Stark Technology Solutions offers business consulting expertise in the application of Graphene and Nanomaterials
We focus on: 
•    Identification and analysis of R&D results for industrial problem solving
•    Identification of emerging trends and interesting finds for horizon scanning 
•    Identification of potential collaborators and funding opportunities

Since 2001, Del Stark has been analysing technologies and market trends to assist companies in understanding how emerging technologies could improve their products and processes allowing them to innovate, make new product claims, find a competitive edge and offer improved services to customers.  In 2011 Del Stark Technology Solutions was launched to deliver bespoke technology analysis and scouting services to industry.    
What we offer clients: 
•    technology scouting, business briefings and industry analysis reports  
•    the application of graphene, nanotechnology and advanced materials
•    international business development 
•    technology transfer
•    bespoke project management 


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