Cord Blood 2017 Day 2

08:00 Registration opens

Dr Todd McAllister

Recap of Day 1 and chair’s opening remarks for Day 2

Dr Joanne Kurtzberg

Novel applications of cord blood derived therapies for genetic and acquired brain diseases

  • Studies in children with selective inborn errors of metabolism have shown that cord blood cells, administered intravenously after myeloablative therapy, and engraft in the brain
  • DUOC-01, a cord blood derived cellular therapy that promotes myelination, is undergoing testing to augment standard umbilical cord blood treatment in children with leukodystrophies
  • These observations led us to hypothesize that cord blood cells might also have efficacy treating patients with acquired brain injuries
  • Clinical studies to date have been performed to demonstrate safety and efficacy of intravenous infusions of autologous cord blood in babies with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, young children with cerebral palsy, congenital hydrocephalus and autism, and adults with acute ischemic stroke
  • Further development of these therapies using allogeneic cord blood products can provide access to these therapies for all
Prof Daniel Surbek

Exosomes derived from umbilical cord stem cells: New approach for treatment of peripartum brain damage

  • Exosomes can be derived from cord stem cells
  • Exosomes contain miRNA and long non-coding RNA’s with the potential to interfere with target cells enabling neuroregeneration and modulating neuroimmune response
  • Mesenchymal stem cells and exosomes can be successfully delivered by intranasal administration
  • Neuroprotective strategies in preterm birth and peripartum asphyxia include early postdamage approach preventing excessive astroglial response and defect healing with scar formation
Dr Jaap Boelens

Cord blood derived anti-tumor cellular vaccines

  • Cord blood T cells have unique anti-viral and tumour features
  • Homeostatic-driven T cell proliferation of naive immune system is ideal for vaccination strategies
Dr Andrea Piccin

Developing cord blood platelet gels for regenerative medicine

10:35 Networking break

Cord blood expansion and engraftment

Chaired by Guy Sauvageau

Panel discussion

Panel: Cord blood expansion – how close are we to a solution for this bottleneck?

  • The fact that we cannot yet expand cord blood, is one of the main bottlenecks for the cord blood industry
  • We have gathered some leading speakers working on cord blood expansion to discuss this bottle neck and how close we are to finding a solution
  • A discussion of other solutions being developed for cord blood expansion
Dr Guy Sauvageau

UM171 cord blood expansion: Fast track development and delivery of clinical benefits

  • Discovery and development of cord blood expansion agonist
  • Optimized bioengineering platform to maximize efficiency
  • Design of clinical trials for cord blood expansion
  • Initial results of UM171 trial
Dr Irene Martini

Optimization of stem cells viability after maternal supplementation with DHA: a clinical trial

  • The metabolic demand of DHA increases in the course of pregnancy reaching the maximum absorption during the third trimester of pregnancy
  • A significant increase in cell viability is observed after DHA supplementation at 28th weeks of pregnancy
  • Total Nucleated Cells increases in relation to the % of DHA deposit on erythrocyte membranes
  • There is a positive correlation between the increase in viability and the increase in TNC that leads to the hypothesis that DHA promotes cell differentiation

12:40 Networking lunch

Dr Nicolas Pineault

Consequences of processing delays on the engraftment activities of cord blood hematopoietic stem cells

  • Processing delays post-collection is a challenge associated with cord blood banking
  • The consequences of such delays on the engraftment activity of cord blood is unclear
  • The impact of processing delays on stem cell properties were characterized in xenotransplantation experiments
Warachaya Fongsarun

An effective logistical case study for stem cell collection, storage and use in Thailand

  • The challenges of storing, collecting and processing stem cells in South East Asia
  • Overview of processes and how challenges can be overcome
  • Successful case studies
Kate Sneddon

The challenges for successful processing and storage of cord tissue

  • The impact of collection technique, including microbiological contamination
  • Donor variability
  • Optimal methods for processing 

Cord blood bank models

Dr Christine Hauskeller

15:20 Networking break

Panel discussion

Break out session - Panel: Patient advocacy and improving access to novel therapies

  • How can we improve the systems in place, to educate parents about new stem cell therapies?
  • Avoiding pitfalls of snake oil
  • FDA mandates: UK vs US
  • Clinical trial construction
Prof Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner

Hybrid cord blood bank models in Asia

  • Hybrid cord blood banking – a solution for low-income environments?
  • Examples of hybrid cord blood banks from China and India
  • The implementation of hybrid banking models and governance
Dr Moshe Israeli

The rise and fall of a small public CB bank: A case study

  • Ambitious rise and the misfortunate closure of the public cord blood bank in Jerusalem
  • An insight in to the challenges faced by the small public CB banks, the ambitious aspirations versus the difficult financial environment
Panel discussion

Panel: Cord blood bank business models

  • Thoughts on the hybrid models – does this model work?
  • How can the larger banks help the smaller banks?
  • Is collaboration key to this industry?
Helen Papadaki, Professor of Haematology, School of Medicine, University of Crete, Head of the Department of Haematology, Public Cord Blood Bank of Crete
Greg Bonfiglio, Managing Director, Proteus Venture Partners
Panel discussion

Afternoon Keynote presentations and panel discussion shared with Advanced Therapies & Precision Medicine

  • Harnessing patient data using stem cells to power precision medicine
  • The future of medicine: a conversation
Susan L. Solomon, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, New York Stem Cell Foundation

17:40 - Networking and poster viewing drinks reception

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