Achim Kless | Scientific Director
Grunenthal Group

Achim Kless, Scientific Director, Grunenthal Group

Achim Kless studied chemistry at the Universities of Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Paris and Rostock and 
received his Ph.D. in 1996. Following postdoctoral studies as a Humboldt fellow in computational organic 
chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles. 
In 1999, he joined Grünenthal, where he was working in the department of Drug Discovery with 
research focus on computational methods for membrane proteins and their application to drug design. 
Later, he joined the department of translational science and intelligence where he is currently leading 
the genetics team for clinical trials as well as the disease understanding team for CRPS.


BioData EU- Day 2 @ 14:50

Omics and pathway analysis for disease understanding in pain

Achim Kless, Scientific Director, Grunenthal
last published: 29/Nov/18 06:55 GMT

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