Martin Akerman, CTO, Scientific Collaborator at CSHL, Envisagenics and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Sandy Aronson, Executive Director of Information Technology, Partners HealthCare Personalized Medicine

Sandy Aronson at BioData Congress Americas 2016

Robert Beckman, Professor of Oncology and of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, and Biomathematics, Georgetown University Medical Center

Mr David Bernick, Director of Technology Operations - Data Sciences, Broad Institute

Mr David Bernick at BioData Congress Americas 2016

Professor Jong Bhak, Director Genome Korea in Ulsan, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

Hans Tomas Bjornsson, Director of Epigenetic and Chromatin Clinic Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, John Hopkins Medical Centre

Alex Bloemendal, Computational Biologist, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

Jeffrey Bond, Lead Bioinformatician, NMTRC, Spectrum Health System

Jeffrey Bond at BioData Congress Americas 2016

Philip Bourne, Associate Director for Data Science (ADDS), Founding Editor in Chief PLOS Computational Biology, National Institutes of Health

Dr Suzanne Brewerton, Bioinformatics Lead, Human Longevity Inc

Catherine Brownstein, Director, Molecular Genomics Core Facility, Boston Children's Hospital

Mr Noel Burtt, Associate Director of Operations, Diabetes Research, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

Mr John Cai, Director, Medical Informatics, Celgene

Mr Claudio Carini, Global Head Clinical Immunology and Biomarkers, Pfizer

Lori Chibnik, Associate Professor, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

Lori Chibnik at BioData Congress Americas 2016

Wendy Chung, professor, Columbia University

George Church, Professor of Genetics, Broad Institute

Charles Cox, Head of Genetic Experiment Design and Delivery, GlaxoSmithKline

Dennis Dean, Senior Scientist, Seven Bridges Genomics

Dennis Dean at BioData Congress Americas 2016

Chris Dwan, Director, Research Computing, Broad Institute

Yaniv Erlich, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Core Member, Assistant Investigator, Columbia University, New York Genome Centre

Yaniv Erlich at BioData Congress Americas 2016

Professor Louis Fiore, Executive Director, Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiology Research and Information Center Professor of Medicine, Boston University

Marc Fiume, Co-Founder and CEO, DNAstack

Jason Flannick, Technical Lead, Diabetes Portal, Medical and Population Genetics Program, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

Dr Sandro Galea, Dean, Boston Universitys School of Public Health

J. Michael Gaziano, Principal investigator of MVP (Million Veteran Program) study, V.A. Boston Healthcare System

Professor Paul Glimcher, Director, Kavli HUMAN Project, New York University

Rikki Godshall, CISSP, CCSP - Technical Director of HPC, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Rachel Goldfeder, Partner, PrecisionFDA Community

Ted Goldstein, Former Vice President of Apple and Director of Medbook, University of California Santa Cruz

Mr Peter Goodhand, Executive Director, Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

Robert C Green, Director, Genomes2People Research Program, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Robert Grossman, Director, Center for Data Intensive Science, University of Chicago

Jennifer Hall, Chief, Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine, American Heart Association

Kathy Hudson, Deputy Director for Science, Outreach, and Policy (PMI Director), N.I.H.

David Hunter, Former Acting Dean, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Mr Justin H Johnson, Associate Director and Principal Translational Genomic Scientist, AstraZeneca

Mr Justin H Johnson at BioData Congress Americas 2016

Sekar Kathiresan, Director of the Cardiovascular Disease Initiative, Broad Institute

Andreas Kogelnik, President and Founder, Open Medicine Institute

Andreas Kogelnik at BioData Congress Americas 2016

Patrick Lacey, President, Beat NB Foundation

Matthew Lebo, Instructor in Pathology, BWH and Harvard Medical School and Director of Bioinformatics, Partners HealthCare System Inc.

Matthew Lebo at BioData Congress Americas 2016

David Ledbetter, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Geisinger Health System

Dr Rachel Liao, Senior Project Manager for the BRCA Challenge and Cancer Gene Trust, Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

James Lowey, Chief Information Officer, Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)

James Lowey at BioData Congress Americas 2016

John Mattison, Assistant Medical Director/CMIO, Kaiser Permanente

Joshua McElwee, Group Lead - Immunogenetics, Genetics and Pharmacogenomics, Merck & Co., Inc.

Cem Meydan, Research Associate, Weill Cornell Medicine Cornell University

Chase Miller, Director of Research and Science, University of Utah, Eccles Department of Genetics, USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery, Univers, The University of Utah

Kenna Mills Shaw, Executive Director and Institute For Personalized Cancer Therapy, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Matt Nelson, Head, Genetics, GSK

Matt Nelson at BioData Congress Americas 2016

Radouane Oudrhiri, Chief Data Scientist, Eagle Genomics Ltd

Robert Plenge, Vice President and Head of Translational Medicine, Merck and Co

Mathew Pletcher, Vice President, Head of Genomic Discovery, Autism Speaks

Heidi Rehm, Director of The Laboratory for Molecular Medicine, Broad Institute

Isaac Samuel Kohane, Professor of Pediatrics and Health Sciences Technology, Childrens Hospital and Harvard Medical School Countway Library of Medicine i2b2 National Center For Biomedical Computing H.M.S.

Giselle Sholler, Director of Pediatric Oncology Research, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Chair, NMTRC

Dr Raminderpal Singh, VP of Business Development, Eagle Genomics Ltd

David Smith, Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Chairman of the Technology Assessment Group Center for Individualized Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Christopher Sprangel, Director, IT, Human Genetics, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals,Inc

Bob Terbrueggen, Founder & CEO, Dxterity Diagnostics, Inc.

Peter Tonellato, Senior Research Scientist and Director of the Laboratory for Personalized Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Leah Voigt, Chief Privacy & Research Integrity Officer, Spectrum Health System

Mr Yirong Wang, Director of Production Bioinformatics, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Monica Wang, Principal Bioinformatics Architect, Project and Program Manager Global Research Systems, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Ms Juliet Williams, Head of Oncology Pharmacology, Novartis

Wendy Winckler, Executive Director, Next Generation Diagnostics, Novartis

Mr Shanrong Zhao, Director, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics,Worldwide R&D, Pfizer, Inc