BioData World Congress USA 2016 is the USA’s flagship event for decision makers and thought leaders working in omics, diagnostics and R&D from across Europe and beyond. Close to 300 participants attended the 2015 event!

BioData World Congress USA will examine the science and the business strategy behind the utilisation of HPC, NGS, cloud computing and all other related technology in the pursuit of personalised medicine and review the industry changing innovation, roadblocks and critical success factors involved.


Who should attend?

  • Professionals responsible for:

  • Research & Development

  • Computational biology

  • Bioinformatics

  • Genomics

  • Next Generation Sequencing

  • Cloud Computing

  • eClinicalTrials

  • Data Security

Why attend?

  • Unlock the power genomic data in precision medicine  
  • Learn and network in one of the world’s leading life sciences research hubs
  • Discover how the advances in genomic medicine are being implemented in the clinic  
  • See how effective and responsible data sharing can maximise the potential of genomic medicine
  • Hear case studies on how Big Data can drive developments in personalised medicine 
  • Examine the impact that open innovation is having in genomic research 
  • Avoid common obstacles in the development of an infrastructure for genomic data sharing




BioData World Congress USA