“SYSTRA is the world leader for public transport infrastructure. This subsidiary of RATP and SNCF works in the Mass Transit and Rail market. The Group's ambition is to establish itself as the benchmark for collective, sustainable mobility.
Revenue 2013: 443million € including 52% internationally, 4,800 employees throughout the world. SYSTRA plans to hire several thousand new staff over the next four years.
SYSTRA is currently present in 78 countries and manages 3,500 contracts world-wide. SYSTRA has contributed to the construction of one out of two metros, the world over. In particular, it designed and built the world's busiest metro line, in Makkah, which transports 72,000 passengers per hour. In Dubai, SYSTRA designed and supervised the construction of the world's longest automatic metro line, 75 km long. 
In France, SYSTRA is working on Lines 15, 16 and 17 of the Grand Paris Express transit project. Internationally, SYSTRA is working on Line 6 of the Delhi metro, Line 16 of the Shanghai metro which will be the world longest elevated metro running on viaducts. SYSTRA is also contributing to the construction of new automatic metros in Santiago de Chile and in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and heads project management and work supervision for stage 1 of the Doha metro in Qatar. In Cairo, where the Group has been working for 30 years, SYSTRA is in charge of designing the renovation of Line 1.”


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