Agriculture Investment Summit 2014,etc. Venues, St. Paul's, London, UK
Investment and strategy for producers and investors - Agriculture Investment Summit 2014

Mr Roberto Vitón | Founder and Partner
Valoral Advisors

Mr Roberto Vitón, Founder and Partner, Valoral Advisors

Roberto Vitón is founding partner of Valoral Advisors, an investment advisory Firm specialized in food & agriculture and based in Luxembourg. The Firm helps asset managers and a broad array of investment firms to build and implement investment strategies in the global agribusiness asset class, with particular focus on Latin America.

Mr. Vitón has managed farmland assets for more than ten years and has worked as advisor for several agribusiness projects across South America. In his corporate career, he has worked in the natural resources industry with ArcelorMittal and Tenaris, in business development and strategy managerial roles in South America, USA, Middle East & Europe. Previously Mr. Vitón was consultant with McKinsey & Company and financial analyst with the private equity firm Talentum Strategic Partners. 

Mr. Viton holds a Bachelor in Economics from Universidad de San Andrés and a Masters in Finance from Universidad CEMA both in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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Wednesday 1st October 2014

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Framing the global food & agriculture asset class from an asset management perspective

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