Agriculture Investment Summit 2014,etc. Venues, St. Paul's, London, UK
Investment and strategy for producers and investors - Agriculture Investment Summit 2014

Mr Michiel Timmerman | Co-founder & Chairman
Equity for Africa

Mr Michiel Timmerman, Co-founder & Chairman, Equity for Africa

Michiel is chairman of Equity for Africa, founded in 2003 with Jeremy, Paul and Michael Schluter. He was formally Chief Investment Officer of Royal Bank of Scotland Asset Management.  Before joining RBS, he was Chief Operating Officer of a European equity fund management business, and prior to that he was co-founder of the alternative investments business at Coutts, the UK’s leading private bank. 

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Appearances coming up:

Wednesday 1st October 2014

@ 12.25
Feedback Panel with Participants on stage
@ 16.50
Panel: Investigating ways to best invest into agriculture and how to maximise best returns

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