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Applause is the global leader in real-world testing and digital quality. We believe that all digital experiences should work the way customers expect. That’s why, since our founding, our mission has been to help brands deliver better products by mitigating the gap between testing products in the lab vs. testing “in-the-wild” on real users where they eat, sleep, work & play. 

We partner with the world’s greatest brands, to ensure their digital assets and experiences are of the highest quality and work as intended. Our disruptive approach to testing and quality leverages our vetted Community of more than one million digital experts worldwide in the areas of Functional, Exploratory, Automation, Regression, UX and Payment testing to name a few. Unlike traditional testing companies and models, Applause responds with the speed, scale and flexibility that you require and expect, and provides actionable insights that can allow you to move fast, develop faster and release with confidence.