Association Partner

Under the CharIN umbrella, cross-industry stakeholders like EV makers, charging station manufacturers, component suppliers, energy providers, grid operators, and many others continue moving towards interoperable charging, where vehicles, chargers, and software systems work together and make the user experience reliable, easy and smooth.

CharIN´s holistic approach is not limited to passenger cars. Its international community is comprised of leading global companies representing every link of the e-mobility value chain for revolutionizing land, air & sea transport. Aiming at clean transportation by means of e-mobility to fulfil climate goals and to reduce CO2 emission, common solutions are key for the adoption of new technologies.

Therefore CharIN promotes the awareness that a consistent charging standard is needed globally. We are also developing specifications for Interoperability testing, certification, and auditing of charging related processes that can be adopted worldwide. As a result, complexity and costs will be reduced, and the user experience is significantly improved. In the end CharIN enables affordable e-mobility for all users and budgets fostering clean transportation.