Vivekananda Hallekere | Co Founder

Vivekananda Hallekere, Co Founder, Bounce

When was the last time you tried to book a ride home & it arrived in less than 5 minutes? Did you get pleasantly surprised looking at the fare for your ride? Mobility is a necessity not a luxury and Vivekananda aspires to solve for this head-on. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Bounce, India’s first smart mobility solution with a mission of creating an alternative public transport, he strongly believes that mobility is a fundamental right.
  “Everything is ​created twice​, f​irst in the mind and then in reality.” - ​With gleaming eyes, passion for bikes and a strong urge to create something new, Vivek along with Varun & Anil started Wickedride Adventures, one of the first luxury bike rental companies available in the country. With bold vision coupled with rigorous execution, unit economics made sense and fleet size grew ​from 2 to 500 bikes​. Wickedride started to bring a flavor of material luxury to ordinary lives and became a thriving business.
  “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity and not a threat” - ​The tryst to serve a core customer need was still unsettled and Vivek soon realized that urban mobility was a far more formidable problem to battle and thus WickedRide shifted gears and Bounce was born. The founders, inspired to solve for a mobility solution that would save both time and money for daily commuters and introduced India to the era of dockless commute- an unprecedented and unmatched tech-enabled solution for the masses. Vivek considers agility and the ability to maneuver through change as a key driver for a company’s success.
  “Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships” ​Vivek often quotes this statement from Michael Jordan. Transparency and empowering others are virtues that Vivek swears by, hence he keeps an open-door policy and welcomes everyone to walk up to him and discuss new ideas or suggestions. He is an enabler who encourages everyone to work together and tackle challenges through innovation. Vivek believes that true power is experienced by sharing knowledge and not hoarding it. As Bounce’s resident bibliophile, he often mails a list of book recommendations and invites his team to add to this growing list.
  Through his unabated energy and a compelling commitment to solving the issue of mobility, Vivek inspires everyone across the organization. A true optimist at heart, Vivek strongly believes in, and advocates building smarter tech-enabled solutions for tomorrow, and in this regard, he stands out as a bold and fearless visionary. Today he is not only heading Bounce but creating a whole new ecosystem of shared micro mobility sitting at the intersection of convenience, time, and affordability. A truly Calvin and Hobbes fan who lives by the line “It’s a magical world, Let’s go exploring”


MOVE Virtual Asia Day 1 @ 15:00

Shared Mobility Panel: The future of shared mobility amidst global pandemic

last published: 09/Jun/20 16:38 GMT

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