Mustafa Zaidi | Chief Technology Officer

Mustafa Zaidi, Chief Technology Officer, SOCAR

I started my career a little over 20 years ago at GE Healthcare in the United States, when GE was still under Jack Welch. Starting out as a Software Engineer, my last role at GE was Engineering Manager. During my time at GE Healthcare I helped bring the next gen Insite(tm) and BioInsite(tm) remote device monitoring platforms to market. Along with working in the healthcare technology industry, more than anything I learned about leadership in technology in a high pressure business environment.

Having an itch to work abroad, I accepted an offer from Honeywell International's Automation division for a new "software startup" department that they were launching in Switzerland. It was a very interesting space as Honeywell Automation was primarily focused on developing embedded software for home security and comfort devices. With the cloud and mobile coming to the forefront Honeywell was ideally positioned in the Smart Home IoT space. Starting out as a Global Technical Manager at Honeywell, my last role was Director of Mobile App Studio leading mobile app development activities for Honeywell's Connected Home business including the Honeywell Total Connect and Honeywell Lyric apps.

I then decided to develop and launch my own app called Tappy Alphabet, an alphabet app designed for young children. I spent almost two years working on various aspects of the app including design, animation and voice recordings while coding the app myself. I launched the app into the Apple App Store, Google Play as well as Amazon's App Store, localized in US, UK and Australian accent voices as well as localized spellings.

Following this I was hired by B60 Apps in the UK, a leading agency working with several large and small clients in the UK developing Mobile Apps along with Cloud Hosted Web Apps, APIs and backend systems. During my time with B60 we delivered Mobile App and cloud solutions for JD Sports , Inspired Thinking Group (ITG), Epyx Automotive Technologies and Forever Living Products amongst others. I joined as B60's Director of Engineering and was promoted to CTO and Board Member within a year. 

With B60 going into liquidation it gave me the opportunity again to look for roles worldwide and with a desire to work for a tech startup, preferably in Asia. Socar was the ideal fit. I joined as CTO in Jul '19.


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