Jay Cheng | Chief Technology Officer
WeMo Scooter

Jay Cheng, Chief Technology Officer, WeMo Scooter

Part of the founding team which created GigaFast E Ltd., Jay has worked in manufacturing SOHO networking products since 1997.  Jay has successfully overseen the development and production of HomePlug based products for the last 20 years.  He has led GigaFast to become one of the world's most experienced OEM/ODM Powerline communications based telecom manufacturers.  In addition to creating a premier line of Powerline solutions, Jay has also continued to lead GigaFast in producing an entire spectrum of Wireless and Ethernet based products for GigaFast’s customers around the world.    Jay has been involved in several business ventures including BRS Autodesign which specialized in wide-body conversion kids along with track car conversions between 2002-2006.  This gave him a strong background in automotive components and parts along with an outlet for his passion in motorsports.  In 2013 he also worked with his wife in her design company as a designer and photographer.   In 2015 Jay helped co-found WeMo Scooter as Chief Technology Officer of the company.  His previous experience in electronics manufacturing and automotive racing made him uniquely suited for WeMo Scooter’s business.    WeMo Scooter is an urban mobility technology and services company using shared electric motorcycles to reduce dependency on privately-owned vehicles and decreasing emissions to improve the urban landscape.   Two wheel mobility is by far the most popular form of transportation in Asia with over 500 million motorcycles.  Wemo Scooter’s connected vehicle solutions creates a shareable managed electric motorcycle fleet capable of quick adoption by urbanites as a cleaner, smarter, safer, and more convenient alternative for urban mobility.  Our advanced vehicle telematics and fleet management system can not only remotely monitor and diagnose real time vehicle information, it can also be used as a real time Smart City IoT hub that helps monitor live municipal mobility, infrastructural, and environmental conditions.
  The city of Taipei, Taiwan has already benefited from millions of WeMo Scooter rides in 2019 and we are now looking to expand globally.  Do not disrupt,  let Wemo Scooter upgrade your cities with shared green mobility along with a scalable data driven mobile smart city network for the future.


MOVE Virtual Asia Day 1 @ 15:00

Shared Mobility Panel: The future of shared mobility amidst global pandemic

last published: 09/Jun/20 16:38 GMT

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