Choong Luen Lien | General Manager, Singapore
Go Jek

Choong Luen Lien, General Manager, Singapore, Go Jek

Lien seeks the path of most resistance and has acquired a taste for challenging travel. He has summited Mount Everest and K2, run ultramarathons across the Gobi Desert and the Amazon jungle, skied to the North Pole and endured temperature extremes from -50°C to +50°C.

He was a consultant in China for several years, working on consumer, technology and healthcare, before leading the McKinsey Centre for Government (SEA). He spent half a year in Sierra Leone helping its government rebuild the healthcare sector post-Ebola crisis.

Prior to McKinsey, Lien spent 10 years in the Singapore Army as a Special Forces officer, leading teams up to a 650-man Infantry battalion, and deployed for UN peace-keeping duties in East Timor. He graduated from the US Ranger school and US Marines’ officer course, and has trained with many regional Special Forces units.


MOVE Virtual Asia Day 1 @ 15:00

Shared Mobility Panel: The future of shared mobility amidst global pandemic

last published: 09/Jun/20 16:38 GMT

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