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Our story

A world-class experience for innovators across the entire rail and transport industry, Africa Rail is more than just an event, it’s a catalyst for the growth and development of the entire African railway industry.

Built on 25 years of history, Africa Rail is about investment, development and technology for rail operators, end-users, government, and investors.

It’s about the big ideas, new technologies and rail transport infrastructure in demand, that will dramatically increase Africa’s economic success and drive its positive economic trajectory forward.

More and more, governments are focused on investing in and building rail infrastructure. They are looking at private rail operations and concessions for future development to generate economic benefit from these new assets.

This means that railway operators, government and their partners are aggressively sourcing solution providers to help them develop their railway infrastructure and improve operational efficiencies to maintain international standards in response to increased demand.

This is where Africa Rail comes in - our mission is to maintain Africa Rail as the industry meeting place for all customers looking to do business in the rail, freight, and transport space.

That is why every aspect of our event has been engineered to drive innovation, excellence, and collaboration.

An event that unites all leading stakeholders – railway operators, government, regulators, investors, and regional associations. Large freight rail end-users in all industries, transport start-ups and incumbent innovators too.

The exhibition is a once-a-year opportunity to meet and do business with new and existing customers. It provides access into Africa’s railway markets that are traditionally difficult to penetrate, but most importantly the show allows sponsors and exhibitors to meet real buyers.

For 25 years, African railway operators and their partners continue to attend the high-level conference and exhibition. It’s where they form new and lucrative relationships & partnerships and, its where they source & invest in new railway solutions from both global and local innovators.

Combining our history with our passion for innovation, we are committed to bringing you a unique and forward-thinking event for you to promote your brand, generate new business, new sales leads and spearhead the growth of your business.

You should join us too. If you’re not … you’re missing out!