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Africa has long been a mobile-first economy. Now as digital transformation sweeps across the continent, traditional banking and financial services, aided by new fintech innovations need to step-up, adapt and evolve to improve the lives of citizens in the new digital economy.

However, ensuring safe and secure transactions is critical to tackling ever more sophisticated fraud, money laundering, and cyber security attacks in this ever increasingly digital universe.

Regulators, banking, financial services and technology providers must continue work together, to drive financial inclusion, to increase financial literacy and create financial independence for citizens and businesses alike.

This is why Seamless Africa is essential and timely. Held over two days, with over 200 global experts, Seamless Africa will provide comprehensive and interactive coverage of all the important issues and technologies. And their convergence.




Africa is set to surpass half a billion e-commerce users by 2025 driven by a growing youthful techsavvy population. The continent leads mobile internet usage a full 13% above the global average indicating to any business looking to sell online that they must adopt a mobile first approach.

However, with opportunity comes challenges. With almost 50% of adults across Africa still unbanked or underbanked, online payments remain a perennial challenge for businesses wishing to target new digitally minded consumers. Last mile delivery and fulfilment is complex and expensive, how to drive costs down and streamline operations is imperative to compete. 

Curating the best customer journey from search through to the transaction in such a hyper competitive market is essential to ensure new and repeat business. Creating new seamless omni-channel experiences the blend offline with onlined will win the day.

Businesses that get this right will retain and grow their customer base, unlocking new and valuable revenue streams needed to survive in the new digital economy.

Enter Seamless, your gateway to thousands of B2B and B2C SMEs, merchants, and enterprises looking to source the latest e-commerce and retail solutions that will transform their businesses.

Welcome to Seamless Africa 2024.


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