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The Disease Prevention & Control Summit is more than just an event, it is a chance to partner, learn, connect, and make great strides towards preventing and combating infectious disease outbreaks of today and tomorrow.

This event presents outstanding sponsorship and exhibition opportunities for world-leading solutions providers. Invaluable discussions will take place on vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics, one health, funding, contact tracing, and technology as we gather the world’s most renowned health professionals on disease prevention and control.

The CDC, FDA, government legislators, big pharma, biotechs, and academia will all gather to answer the most crucial questions –


  • What are infectious disease scientists working on right now?
  • How are vaccines and drugs being developed at pandemic speeds?
  • How do we develop preventative measures to ensure that another outbreak doesn’t happen?
  • What are the diseases to look out for next?
  • How can we fund a pandemic preparedness plan?
  • What technological advances in science can we leverage?
  • How can we be prepared for the future?


Join 2,500+ industry leaders on September 4-5, 2024 to strategize how to prevent infectious disease and source new solutions.