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Since 2015, the World Antimicrobial Resistance Congress has attracted top thought leaders, hospitals, companies, and policymakers as the annual, go-to event in the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) space. We have grown into the most impactful event in advancing solutions to combat current and future pressing global health crises.

Diagnostic developers, antibiotic biotechs & pharmaceutical companies, stewardship technologies, access firms, and many more, rely on our event for business development opportunities, networking and showcasing of new products and solutions.

With over 1,300+ attendees, the 2023 conference will be a must-attend for any companies looking to:

  • Showcase & learn about new antibiotic and non-traditional products
  • Demonstrate how new diagnostic technologies can reduce time to accurate diagnosis and support the appropriate use of antibiotics
  • Meet with top hospitals from around the world
  • Network with key policymakers, organizations, regulators to further AMR policies
  • Interact with funding agencies, investors and venture capitalist firms
  • Introduce the most innovative stewardship and infection control technologies for the hospitals
  • Learn more about sustainable antibiotic manufacturing practices
  • Engage in conversations around one-health and vaccines and their relationships with AMR


Join our 1,300+ attendees, hear from 200+ speakers, and meet with 100+ solution providers on September 4-5, 2024 at the 10th annual World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress. We will be joined by our sister conference, Disease Prevention and Control Summit America 2023, which will expand our audience onsite during the event days.