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Government and the private sector are investing billions of dollars into the Saudi Arabian retail and e-commerce sectors through mall development, new retail and leisure concepts, online marketplaces and the necessary infrastructure overhaul that is required to create agile and efficient supply chains that service millions of consumers and SME’s across the Kingdom.

With a young tech-savvy population, high smart phone penetration and a traditionally mall focused culture, Saudi Arabia has all of the ingredients for a perfect omni-channel environment. However, they must overcome some major challenges in delivery and fulfilment, trust in digital payments, customer experience and engagement if it is to maximize its potential and fend off global competition as the market becomes increasingly accessible.

Seamless is your gateway to access the biggest group of buyers in retail and e-commerce related technologies in Saudi Arabia. 


The Saudi Arabian fintech, payments and banking sector is on the precipice of unprecedented change and unrivalled opportunity across the region, defined by innovation and developments in technology and regulation and, with a population of 32m with a need for more accessible and customer-centric financial services.

Banks, financial service providers, government, telco’s and merchants are having to rapidly adapt to a new financial landscape that is quickly being dominated by new fintech disruptors and market entrants.

In this ever-evolving reality, collaboration and innovation is the key to survival.

Seamless Saudi Arabia is about how we deliver modern technology driven financial services in one of the world’s most promising economies.