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Helping the Global Industry Bring Biosimilars to the US

The World Biosimilar Congress 2017 is the event that brings together biopharma to discuss new US guidelines for biosimilar market approval, as well as scientific/technical strategies to prove bio-similarity, safety and efficacy


With 3 years now under its belt, World Biosimilar Congress USA is truly becoming a staple meeting where biosimilar stakeholders gather to address the current and future state of Biosimilars in the United States.

The addition of two dedicated streams for the World Biosimilar Congress 2017 meeting was a hit – we were able to gain insight from two distinct crowds – one that excelled in the analytical and manufacturing end – and one that excelled in the business and strategic end.  



The 2018 installation of this meeting will allow us to continue to dive deeper into both the science of Biosimilar development – and the business needs for companies that continue to seek FDA approval. The growth from 2017 allows us to promise an even more robust crowd of key stakeholders in 2018.

Best of all, it will be back in sunny San Diego –because we know half of the fun of these events is what happens outside the hotel.

There are currently five, when will the rest be here? Biosimilars will have a profound impact on the pharmaceutical industry. Join us and hundreds of your industry colleagues as they meet and do business in 2018 back in San Diego.




Join us and hundreds of your industry colleagues as we learn,
meet and do business in 2018


World Biosimilar Congress USA 2017

World Biosimilar Congress USA 2017

World Biosimilar Congress USA 2017


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