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High-Potency API's Innovation in risk, safety and containment for the world’s biopharma industry.

The HPAPI World Congress is the region's leading event dedicated to process enhancement, technological innovation and business development: an exhibition, a strategic keynote conference and practical workshops.


About the World HPAPI Congress

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40+ speakers will converge to London to discuss how to mitigate the risks associated with manufacturing highly potent compounds so that regardless of whether you are part of the Executive Committee, or the technician handling toxic powder, you know that your HPAPI operations are safe and secure.
By joining us for a series of keynotes, presentations, workshops and roundtables, you will learn best practices and how to guides on subjects such as handling, containment, processing, exposure and monitoring
HPAPI congress

With over 150 sponsors & exhibitors showcasing their industry leading products, ideas and innovations, this is your chance to network, source the latest products and services and evaluate what’s best for your organisation.
The HPAPI market is gaining momentum and is being cited as one of the most important sectors within the entire pharmaceutical industry, so there has never been a better time to get involved and gain a competitive advantage.
The congress will attract 100 professionals and will also be colocated with the European Antibody Congress, the World Immunotherapy Congress and the World Biosimilars Congress. 
With so many experts in the room, you will have countless opportunities to explore the best ways to understand the potent hazard and communicate the risks, how then to translate this knowledge on the ground, options for outsourcing or in-house production..

HPAPI Congress



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To sponsor or exhibit the World Biosimilar Congress, contact Natasha Evans
on +44 (0) 207 0921 212 or email

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