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Innovation and disruption for airlines and airports

A platform for airlines, airport and the aviation industry to source new partners and brainstorm new strategies for growth.

Our Story


The Aviation Show is based on a simple premise. Consumer demands, expectations and demographics are changing drastically. That the future success of aviation businesses requires airlines to offer new and dynamic offerings in order to communicate, engage and win business with 21st century travelers. That these changes are going to continue to disrupt the aviation industry landscape.


Airlines and airports can pioneer or perish.


The Aviation Show is here to show the industry how to pioneer in this dynamic market. The event focuses on how adapting systems, business models and strategies can turn market disruption into an opportunity. By bringing global experts and world leading case studies to Dubai – we are the ultimate place for airlines, airports and their partners to learn how to win new business through the convergence of technology, customer experience and new revenue streams.

In our third edition, The Aviation Show builds on the story of Dubai as an aviation hub, drawing 300+ airlines and 30+ airports from anywhere within 8 hours of Dubai including North and East Africa, West Asia and the Subcontinent and Central Asia.


While many of the MENA flag carriers are leading this innovation globally, this event is not just about them. It is about the hundreds of commercial airlines operating and growing across this dynamic region. Including Flag, Full Service, Low Cost and Startups.


All trying to answer the same question.


How do we ensure our airline is on the cutting edge, servicing customers with ever changing demands and expectations while ensuring the right systems are in place for us to stay ahead of the competition and drive revenue growth?


The Aviation Show MENASA is your chance to find the answers and do new business in this exciting market.



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