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Our Story

High-capacity digital infrastructure is reshaping the UK.

Across industries, across the economy, across society, everything is changing as technology plays an increasingly critical role.

Underpinning all this change is a new, faster connectivity powered by broadband technologies including fibre and 5G.

Attend #ConnectedBritain to understand what all this change means for your organisation.

Connected Britain remains the best place to understand the regulatory and financial landscape for digital infrastructure investment in the UK.

Join us in 2022 to discover a renewed focus on the wider implications of UK Digital Strategy for the telecoms industry and beyond, and how the UK can tackle emerging challenges head on to become a leading player in the digital revolution.





As a publisher, Total Telecom, organisers of Connected Britain, the coveted World Communication Awards and Total Telecom Congress, have tracked the latest progress of full fibre and 5G rollouts in Britain. Innovative operators and altnets across the UK jostle to be positioned as first movers, keen to show their ability and lead the pack, whilst the major vendors announce their latest deals and partnerships at breakneck speed.

Connected Britain is the event the industry attends to keep up to date with all this change. Connected Britain is built from the ground up, and ultimately explores how full fibre and 5G enables enormous opportunity for the UK’s economy and its people.

Connected Britain takes place in the Mezzanine hall of the Business Design Centre, London on 20-21 September 2022. This content-heavy confex brings in diverse verticals to understand the UK’s connectivity landscape, and the challenges needed to be tackled in order for the UK to be a digital leader.