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Strategy and innovation for water end users, utilities and partners  

In today’s new world, long-established and proven water and wastewater utility management practices are being challenged and rightfully so!

Calls for increased adoption of more advanced solutions like digital water, reclaimed water use, decentralized treatment, to name a few, are forcing water service providers to take note.

The Water Show Africa is the continent’s leading conference and exhibition that brings together advanced and innovative solution provider to meet water professionals and large end users, looking to buy these solutions. They want to improve delivery of water infrastructure, drive service efficiency and reliability, as well as keep up to date with the trends shaping today’s water future.

We are so excited to welcome back the industry in person at The Water Show Africa 2022

Year on year, the event provides our partners with access to decision makers from water utilities, municipalities, and large water users who traditionally are difficult to reach.

The 2022 edition of the event will be no different, delivering on how market players can capitalise on business opportunities across the continent.

Combining our history with our passion for innovation, we are committed to bringing you a unique event to promote your brand, generate and implement new ideas and source new business opportunities to spearhead growth.

Running alongside Power & Electricity World Africa, the show highlights the close working relationship of these two industries – as well as the business opportunity in the water energy nexus.

You should join us too. If you’re not … you are missing out!