Kent Savage of Apex Supply Chain Technologies's 2015 Presentation

Ken Savage of Apex Supply Chain Technologies' Click & Collect Show USA 2015 presentation You can now download Kent Savage of Apex Supply Chain Technologies's 2015 Presentation and then join us for the Click & Collect Show USA 2016.

We were glad to have Kent Savage, Founder and CEO of Apex Supply Chain Technologies, presenting at the Click & Collect Show USA 2015. You can now download his presentation slides from the event, where he addressed things to think about when selecting an automated locker partner and the lessons learned from the first billion transactions.

You can now view the recording of his presentation alongside these slides, so that you can both listen and view the slides he’s referring to up close. After all, we wouldn't want you to miss anything, right?

Download the presentation to learn more on the importance of:

  • Strategic vision and planning capabilities
  • Domain knowledge
  • Scalability
  • Data security
  • Implementation and support
  • Flexibility and resources

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