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27-28 April 2022
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International Schools Summit


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Following the success of EDUtech International Schools Summit 2021 and the overwhelming response from #EDUtechIntSch community, we are excited to continue our efforts to enhance your digital experience at EDUtech International Schools Summit 2022. At EDUtech, our mission is simple: to provide the best platform to allow the community to continue to learn, share best practices and engage in meaningful conversations.

EDUtech International Schools Summit 2022 will be held on 27-28 April through a series of panels and interactive Q&A. Join the online summit from wherever you are - watch them live or on-demand and network with attendees.

The learning journey continues. Join us as we continue to share the best strategies, technologies and pedagogies for International schools


Meet some of our speakers

  • Crispian Farrow at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Crispian Farrow
    Group Chief Innovation Officer
    Education in Motion
  • Brian Frissyn at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Brian Frissyn
    Senior Vice President & Group Marketing Director
    Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse Pte. Ltd.
  • Kathryn Garden at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Kathryn Garden
    Curriculum and Assessment Lead
    SPARK Schools
    South Africa
  • Joh Liang Hee at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Joh Liang Hee
    Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President
    Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse Pte. Ltd.
  • Ahmed Hussain at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Ahmed Hussain
    Director of Education
    Harrow International AISL
    Hong Kong
  • Kavita Jaisi at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Kavita Jaisi
    Director of Academics and Curriculum
    SIS Group of Schools
  • Ayush Kalani at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Ayush Kalani
    Associate Director - Student Acquisition
    Global Schools Foundation
  • Santosh Kumar at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Santosh Kumar
    Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
    21K School
  • John Luis at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    John Luis
    Chief Executive Officer & Founder
    IVA Global School
    South Africa
  • Dr Joseph Nettikaden at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Dr Joseph Nettikaden
    Chief Information Officer
    Esol Education
    United Arab Emirates
  • Mark O'Donoghue at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Mark O'Donoghue
    Chief Executive Officer Online Schools
    Inspired Education Group
    United Kingdom
  • Mark Orrow-Whiting at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Mark Orrow-Whiting
    Director of Curriculum and Student Performance
    Nord Anglia Education
    United Kingdom
  • Angela Schaerer at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Angela Schaerer
    Digital Transformation Manager
    South Africa
  • Dr Marianne Yong-Macdonald at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Dr Marianne Yong-Macdonald
    Group Head, Teacher Professional Learning & Student Opportunities
    International Schools Partnership
  • Charles Caldwell at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Charles Caldwell
    Human Resources Director
    English Schools Foundation
    Hong Kong
  • Fiona Carter at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Fiona Carter
    Director of International Business Development and Academics
    Wellington College China
  • Dr Terry Creissen OBE at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Dr Terry Creissen OBE
    Regional Managing Director for China International
    Nord Anglia Education
  • Viktor Datsiuk at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Viktor Datsiuk
    Director of Technology
    Shanghai Singapore International School
  • Rahul Deshpande at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Rahul Deshpande
    Chief Executive Officer EuroSchool , Billabong High & Centre Point Schools
    Lighthouse Learning
  • Husien Dohadwalla at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Husien Dohadwalla
    Chief Executive Officer - Crimson Education and Executive Principal
    JIRS Hybrid
  • Lee Drury at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Lee Drury
    Group Head of Technology Implementation
  • Câline Fonteneau at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Câline Fonteneau
    Director of Admissions and Marketing
    KIS International School, Bangkok
  • Talat Sheerazi Goldie at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Talat Sheerazi Goldie
    HR Director
    United Arab Emirates
  • Brianna Gray at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Brianna Gray
    Head of Professional Learning & Growth
    ACS International Schools
    United Kingdom
  • Andy Hancock at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Andy Hancock
    Director of Education, Asia
    Cognita Schools
  • Khoo Hung Chuan at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Khoo Hung Chuan
    General Manager, Education Transform and Development, Asia Pacific
  • Ian Hunt at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Ian Hunt
    Haileybury Kazakhstan
  • John Gwyn Jones MBE at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    John Gwyn Jones MBE
    Chief Executive Officer
    Federation of British International Schools in Asia
  • Beth Kerr at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Beth Kerr
    Global Director of Wellbeing
    Cognita Schools
    United Kingdom
  • Dr. Piyarat Khanthap at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Dr. Piyarat Khanthap
    Director of ICT and K-12 ICT Coordinator
    KIS International School, Bangkok
  • Manju Kohli at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Manju Kohli
    Director of Human Resources
    UWC South East Asia
  • Terry McAdams at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Terry McAdams
    Director of Technology, Research, and Innovation
    Branksome Hall Asia
    Republic Of Korea
  • Yi Xian Ng at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Yi Xian Ng
    Executive Director
    EtonHouse International Education Group
  • Colin Northmore at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Colin Northmore
    ADvTECH Evolve Online School
    South Africa
  • Andre Nunes at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Andre Nunes
    Head of Product
    Open Assessment Technologies
  • Heather Rhodes at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Heather Rhodes
    Harrow School Online
    United Kingdom
  • Brian Rogove at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Brian Rogove
    Chief Executive Officer
    XCL Education
  • Matthew Scott at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Matthew Scott
    Middleton International School
  • Matthew Smith at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Matthew Smith
    Head of Student Progress, Biology Teacher
    Dulwich International High School Suzhou
  • Michelle Stroman at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Michelle Stroman
    Director, Professional Learning
    Education in Motion
  • Michael Taylor at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Michael Taylor
    Head of School
    Kyoto International School
  • Kat Warboys at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Kat Warboys
    APAC Marketing Director
  • Craig Wehrle at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Craig Wehrle
    Director of IT
    North London Collegiate School Jeju
    Republic Of Korea
  • Germari Eksteen at EDUtech_Int Schools 2022
    Germari Eksteen
    Marketing and Sales Manager
    ADvTECH Niche Schools - Evolve Online School
    South Africa

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Live panel debates

Right now we are curating panels of 4-5 educators to debate some of your burning questions. You’ll be able to watch them live, pose questions to the panel and watch later on-demand


Meet (virtually) face-to-face

Virtual meetings have become the new norm. You can select those you’d like to meet from the list of registered participants. We’ll then set up and host a 15-minute virtual meeting with you and your selected participants.

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Meet and connect with inspiring international school leaders driving growth and admissions across Asia. Start dialogues, exchange ideas, and make connections with key decision makers, thought-leaders, and disruptors live on our event platform.

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Establish connections with key decision makers from international schools across Asia. Meet them virtually and extend your network.


Featuring a day of curated content from 40+ international school leaders, technology experts, and edtech innovators.

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