Paul Huelsmann | CEO

Paul Huelsmann, CEO, Finexity

Paul is the CEO and co-founder of FINEXITY AG: Europe’s first blockchain-based real asset investment platform for retail investors. Thanks to blockchain, Finexity enables over 5,000 clients to invest in selected real assets starting from 500 Euros. This way the investors can build up their own real asset portfolio like any of the wealthy and institutional investors do today, yet without the capital intensiveness, information asymmetries, limited flexibility as well as significant time demands. Another amazing fact about FINEXITY: they are the first one's in Europe to issue a tokenised debt instrument under the PRIIPs regulation!

Paul has been ranked as one of the top ten finance and insurance innovators in Germany in 2020 and is a Regional Chair at the Fibree foundation (leading Blockchain and real estate foundation). He studied Management with a focus on Finance at the University of Warwick (UK), worked in M&A and has previously co-headed an international incubator/CVC for a leading multinational company. Additionally he is an accredited financial advisor.


WLTH Day 2 @ 11:45

Using Blockchain to make real asset investments available to everyone

last published: 31/Mar/20 15:45 GMT

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