Hans-Jorg Naumer | Global Head Of Capital Markets And Thematic Research
Allianz Global Investors

Hans-Jorg Naumer, Global Head Of Capital Markets And Thematic Research, Allianz Global Investors

Hans-Jörg Naumer (52), Master of Economics, joined Allianz Global Investors in 2000 and is Head of Global Capital Markets & Thematic Research.

Investments, wealth creation and examining trends with a long-term impact (“thematic research”) form the triad of analyses and presentations that he uses to reach both institutional and private investors.
He is particularly interested in working with insights derived from behavioural finance and in transferring them to the practical investment business.

As an economist who looks beyond the limits of the capital markets, he is particularly concerned with capital formation for a wider cross-section of the population.

Before joining Allianz Global Investors, he worked for Société Générale, where he became the head of Research Germany and was part of the French investment bank’s international research team.
His analyses were mainly directed at international institutional investors.

From his vantage point as an analyst and economist, he observed the establishment of the Economic and Monetary Union and thus ranked among the “ECB Watchers” from the very beginning of the Euro.

He started his professional career in the corporate banking division of Deutsche Bank in 1994.

Mr Naumer has comprehensive experience in delivering speeches and presentations. His audience consists of high-net worth individuals, asset managers, investment advisors and institutional investors.
The Capital Market Research is published in up to 8 languages and read all over the world.

Mr Naumer studied economics at the University of Mannheim, one of the leading universities for economics and business studies in Germany.


WLTH Day 2 @ 15:30

Live Panel: Capital Ownership for the 21. Century

WLTH Day 2 @ 15:30

Live Panel: Capital Ownership for the 21. Century - answering Piketty

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