William Muhairwe | Managing Director
National Water and Sewerage Corp

William Muhairwe, Managing Director, National Water and Sewerage Corp

Dr. William is the Senior Team Leader/ Founder of 2ML Consulting Limited, a Management and Leadership Consulting firm that offers responsive technical solutions to utilities and organizations across the globe and also the Executive Director of the Global Water Leaders’ Group – UK.He holds outstanding international experience of over 30 years, coordinating multidisciplinary teams in both public and private sectors. He has focused on the management of water sector companies and organizations around Africa. His areas of expertise as a team leader within the water utility sector include; Change Management; Performance Improvement Programs (PIP); Concept and Business development; Development of system manuals (policies, operational procedures; loss reduction, human resources, etc.); Conducting Tariff Studies and Performance analysis. 
Dr. William has been managing water industry reform projects for almost 21 years since 1998. He is responsible for one of the African water industry's great success stories - the turnaround of Uganda’s National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC). During his first meeting, he declared that he would resign if he did not turn the Corporation around within 100 days. The surgery, which involved development and implementation of performance improvement programs was successful and over the next 13 years, NWSC grew to become one of the most innovative, successful and profitable water and wastewater utilities in Africa. Since then, Dr William has been involved in over 25 projects of similar characteristics mostly around Africa, but also in the Caribbean and Middle East. Dr. William has worked for reforming water utility companies in Nigeria, Jordan, Sierra Leone, Zambia, South Sudan, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. He has also provided Utility Management Expertise to the Arab Water Academy (AWA). 

His International associations memberships include; Honorary Member of Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers, Past Governing Board Member - International Water Association (IWA), The Hague Netherlands and award winner for the Outstanding Contribution to Management and Science, (2010) International Water association (IWA). He has earned International Professorship Awards (for expanded knowledge in the global arena of academia and leadership) from the United Graduate College & Seminary - Jonesborough Tennessee, USA and Makerere University Kampala - Uganda



Water 2030: Innovation, opportunities, priorities and the future

  • Leadership and coalitions – combating scarcity
  • Successful regulatory drivers – supporting innovation
  • Navigating the digitisation road
  • The changing utility and water supply business model
  • Where to from here?
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