Dr Michael Powell | BVSc (Hons) Director
Lincoln Institute

Dr Michael Powell, BVSc  (Hons) Director, Lincoln Institute

  Michael Powell is a veterinarian and a company director at Lincoln Institute. Since 2011, his company has been dedicated to improving outcomes for the veterinary industry; supporting veterinary business owners, managers, veterinarians and the teams to enjoy more success and fulfilment in the important work they do. Michael performed ground-breaking research into veterinarian attrition with a multi-national study of 1500 veterinary professionals, completed in 2019. It provided an unprecedented picture of the scale, impacts and causes of premature departure of veterinarians from clinical practice as well as the opportunities to prevent it. Michael formed and chaired the Veterinary Shortage Think Tank and subsequent Steering Committee meetings, stimulating the first coordinated steps to recognise the nature of this challenge and address it. His research and advocacy for enhanced well-being for veterinary professionals continues today and he is a much sought after international speaker and educat


Day 1 @ 10:20

Mindset- Overcoming your Greatest Fears & Frustrations in Veterinary Practice

Mindset…. Overcoming your Greatest Fears & Frustrations in Veterinary Practice!In this presentation, Dr Michael Powell will address the concerning global trend of veterinarians leaving their profession prematurely.In exploring the results of a multi-national research project launched by the Lincoln Institute into veterinarian shortages, as well as other global studies, Michael will highlight the key cultural factors of the veterinary industry contributing to this problem.Any challenge typically brings with it opportunity, and in this presentation, Michael will focus on some simple and highly effective ways by which veterinarians can leverage the power of mindset to facilitate long and fulfilling careers in clinical practice.He will also explore how these fundamental changes drive the cultural and financial success of veterinary businesses.
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