Ian Shivers | Behaviour Consultant
Bondi Behaviourist

Ian Shivers, Behaviour Consultant, Bondi Behaviourist

I have been working in the pet industry in Australia since 2012 in a variety of roles. In 2015 I founded Bondi Behaviourist, a training and behaviour company based in Sydney that now employs a team of 8 professional trainers and behaviour consultants.  In 2022 I co-founded Canine C.A.R.E.givers with Dominique Hone, an online platform for dog guardians to learn about all things dog training and behaviour and this year I have launched and co-founded Mutley, a platform for pet professionals to support their businesses on a variety of levels. Ian was originally qualified with the British College of Canine Studies and has since gone on to study under the likes of Dr Susan Friedman, Kim Brophey and others.  Ian has been working towards the concept of the Australian Dog Behaviour & Training Charter as was originally modelled in the UK as a means of bringing together the major organisations and associations of pet professionals and dog trainers through an underpinning agreement. With this concept being a stepping stone towards the greater goal of unifying our industry through regulation and accreditation. 
My goal is to help as many people and their dogs live the highest quality of life possible.  I believe that my way of doing that is by providing as many opportunities for information to reach people as possible and that regulation of our industry can only strengthen the consistency of the information that is made available and so provide clarity and quality to those that need the most support.


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