Dr. Gary Bauer (BVSc(Pretoria); DrMedVet(Ophth) (Zurich)), Veterinarian, Saving the Survivors

Dr. Shabeer Bhoola, Veterinarian, Terrace Road Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Poppy Bristow (BVetMed MVetMed PGCert (VetEd) FHEA DipECVS MRCVS), Consultant in Small Animal Surgery, Dick White Referrals

Dr. Clifford Bull, Owner And Veterinary Surgeon, Craig View Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Clifford Bull | Owner And Veterinary Surgeon | Craig View Veterinary Clinic » speaking at Vet Expo

Dr. Isabel Callealta, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria

Dr. Glynn Catton, Industrial Veterinary Consultant And Managing Member, Stride Consulting

Dr. Thireshni Chetty, Councillor, South African Veterinary Council

Dr. Thireshni Chetty | Councillor | South African Veterinary Council » speaking at Vet Expo

Willie Clack (NHD Corrections Management), Senior Lecturer Criminal Justice, University of South Africa

Ian Cox, Owner, Cox Attorneys

Dr. Georgina Crewe (BVSc, MSc), Veterinarian, Radiation Therapy

Dr. Sumari Dancer (BSc, BVSc Honours), Senior Lecturer and Specialist in Diagnostic Imaging, Onderstepoort Academic Hospital

Dr. Coetzee De Beer, Veterinarian, Centre for Avian, Reptiles and Exotics

Dr. Morné De La Rey, Veterinarian And Director, Embryo Plus

Tarryn Dent, Technical veterinarian, Zoetis

Tarryn Dent | Technical veterinarian | Zoetis » speaking at Vet Expo

Dr. Gert Dry, Game Rancher, Aquasand Game Ranch

Dr. Dorianne Elliott, Owner And Veterinarian, Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital

Dr. Chantelle Erwee, Technical Ruminant Manager, Zoetis South Africa

Dr. Chantelle Erwee | Technical Ruminant Manager | Zoetis South Africa » speaking at Vet Expo

Dr. Peter Evans (BVSc), Head: Consumer Assurance SAPPO, South African Pork Producer Organisation

Dr. Martin Ferreira, Veterinary Specialist: Herd Health & Preventative Medicine, Morvet Veeartsenydienste

Dr. Andy Fraser, Veterinarian, Rooiberg Vet

Dr. Andy Fraser | Veterinarian | Rooiberg Vet » speaking at Vet Expo

Dr. Schabort Froneman, Technical Manager, Ruminants, Zoetis

Dr. Schabort Froneman | Technical Manager, Ruminants | Zoetis » speaking at Vet Expo

Sebastian Gabor, Founder, Digitail

Sebastian Gabor | Founder | Digitail » speaking at Vet Expo

Prof. André Ganswindt (Qualification: PhD in Biology (behavioural endocrinology)), Professor And Director, Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria

Peter Georgiadis, Niche: Healthcare, First National Bank

Peter Georgiadis | Niche: Healthcare | First National Bank » speaking at Vet Expo

Dr. Justin Grace (BVSc), Veterinarian, Onderstepoort Veterinary Faculty - University of Pretoria

Dr. Louis Greeff, Owner And Veterinary Surgeon, MediVet

Dr. Louis Greeff | Owner And Veterinary Surgeon | MediVet » speaking at Vet Expo

Dr. John Grewar (BVSc, MSc), Research And Innovation Manager, South African Equine Health and Protocols

Dr. Ben Greyling, Research Team Manager, Agricultural Research Council (ARC)

Prof. Alan Guthrie, Head: Equine Research Centre, University of Pretoria

Prof. Alan Guthrie | Head: Equine Research Centre | University of Pretoria » speaking at Vet Expo

Dr. Gerhard Harmse (BVSc (Pret)), Locum Senior Lecturer, University of Pretoria

Dr. Gerhard Harmse (BVSc (Pret)) | Locum Senior Lecturer | University of Pretoria » speaking at Vet Expo

Dr. Christopher Henderson, Poultry Veterinarian And Management Consultant, C4 Africa Professional Consultants

Dr. Andy Hentzen, Lecturer In Production Medicine, University of Pretoria

Dr. Michael Hewetson (BSc BVSc PhD), Senior Lecturer in Equine Medicine, Royal Veterinary College

Candice Hobday, Owner And Director, Hobday Equestrian Enterprises

Dr. Frits Hoogendijk, Maxillo-Facial And Oral Surgeon, The Face

Dr. Maygan Jennings, Specialist, Technical And Product, Zoetis

Dr. Maygan Jennings | Specialist, Technical And Product | Zoetis » speaking at Vet Expo

Dr. Benjamin Kennedy (BSc. MSc. BVetMed MRCVS Mem.RES), Veterinary Surgeon, Veterinary Invertebrate Society

Dr. Timokleia Kousi, Veterinary Surgeon, vetfuturist.com

Dr. Liza Le Roux (BVSc - Hons), Veterinary Manager, Zoetis

Dr. Chris Linney, Head Of Cardiology, Rcvs And European Specialist In Small Animal Cardiology, Willows Veterinary Centre & Referral Service

Renier Lombard, Founder, The Digital Animal

Dr. Karin Lourens, Veterinarian, Dr, Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Bryce Marock, Chief Scientific Officer - Veterinary Consultant, NSPCA

Dr. Vanessa Mcclure, Senior Lecturer - Small Animal Medicine, Onderstepoort

Dr. Myles McKenna, Lecturer/Assistant Professor, University College Dublin, School of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Bert Mohr (BVSc, MMedVet, DPhil, Dip.ECVIM-CA), Director - Uct Research Animal Facility, University of Cape Town

Dr. Shaun Morris (BVSc (Hons) MSc Agric), Feedlot Veterinarian, Independant

Dr. Alida Naudé, Corporate And Clinical Audiologist, Amtronix Diagnostics Team

Sr. Climent Ndhlovu, Veterinary Nurse, Fourways Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Johan Oosthuizen (PhD Agriculture (Animal Health), Senior Lecturer, Department: Agriculture And Animal Health, University of South Africa

Dr. Thomas Ovendale, Veterinarian, Equine-Librium Veterinary Lameness Clinic

Dr. Rissa Parker, Owner And Veterinary Surgeon, Glen Austin Equine Clinic

Dr. Rissa Parker | Owner And Veterinary Surgeon | Glen Austin Equine Clinic » speaking at Vet Expo

Prof. Mary-Louise Penrith (BSc (Hons), BVSc (Hons), PhD, DSc), Extraordinary Professor, University of Pretoria

Dr. Hanneke Pienaar (BSVc), Veterinarian, Animavet

Dr. Kresen Pillay (BSc & BVSc), Associate Veterinarian, Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo

Dr. Aileen Pypers, Veterinary Behaviourist, Pets at Play

Prof. Robert Raw, Retired Professor Of Anesthesia And Editor, Regional-Anesthesia.com LLC

Sr. Melanie Reddy, Anaesthesiology Nurse, Onderstepoort

Dr. Fred Reyers (MMedVet (KLD)), Clinical Pathologist, Idexx Laboratories Inc

Dr. James Roxburgh, Veterinarian, C4 Africa

Craig Shepstone (BSc Animal & Pasture Scientist), Owner / Director, Wildlife Nutrition Services

Dr. Pauline Smith, Veterinary Surgeon, Park Drive Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Quixi Sonntag (BVSc, BVSc(Hons), PGCHE), Lecturer, University of Pretoria

Dr. Johan Steyl (BVSc (Pretoria), MSc (Vet Sci)(Pretoria)), Senior Lecturer - Pathology, University of Pretoria

Dr. Helena Steyn, Heartwater Research in South Africa, Agricultural Research Center

Dries van Coller, President, PHASA

Tj Van Der Merwe, Operations Manager, Cofesa Labour Law Specialist

Philip Van Der Walt, Managing Director, Head Of Product Development, BunnyCorp

Elsie Van Der Walt, Equine Dental Technition, Elsie's Equine Dentistry

Dr. Chris van Dijk, Chief Executive Officer, Milk Producers Organisation

Dr. Juanita van Heerden (PhD, Pri.Sci.Nat), Senior Researcher: Vaccine and Diagnostic Development for African Swine Fever, ARC - Onderstepoort Veterinary Research

Dr. Juanita van Heerden (PhD, Pri.Sci.Nat) | Senior Researcher: Vaccine and Diagnostic Development for African Swine Fever | ARC - Onderstepoort Veterinary Research » speaking at Vet Expo

Prof. Este Van Marle Koster, Head Of Department - Animal And Wildlife Sciences, University of Pretoria

Dr. Louw Verwey, Veterinarian, C4 Africa

Dr. Camilla Weyer (BVSC, MSc, PhD), Veterinarian, South African Equine Health and Protocols

Dr. Dario Zammerini, Product Manager, Idexx Laboratories Inc





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